How to Get Firefox to Play Amazon, Netflix and Hulu Vidos on Archlinux

The main reason I always install Google Chrome on any linux distro I happen to be running is that Chrome will by default play videos from Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu without a hitch, whereas Firefox will not. In fact, neither will Chromium. This is because Google has built proprietary flash graphics inside of Chrome. … Continue reading “How to Get Firefox to Play Amazon, Netflix and Hulu Vidos on Archlinux”

Revenge: Installer for Arch Linux

Even though I’ve said senior Arch Linux forum members have palpable antagonism toward Arch derivatives Antergos, Apricity and Manjaro Linux, you can still easily install Arch yourself and have a regular, pure Arch system. The installer I have enjoyed is called Revenge. It is a fancy installer that draws what it needs only from the … Continue reading “Revenge: Installer for Arch Linux”

Starting an Arch/Antergos program automatically as root?

I wish I could tell you how to do it. I’ve been confusing myself reading articles about systemd and OpenRC and cron. I’m all confused and my brain is spent. I want to run “sudo cron start” when I start my system. Alternatively, just start cron as root. Cron changes my gnome wallpaper regularly.

Antergos Bites the Dust

In the past I have written about Antergos Linux. A great distribution based on Arch Linux. Well, it’s no more. Sadly, Antergos has been discontinued. Most Linux distributions are maintained by volunteers. Linux distros are largely free operating systems created and maintained by volunteer enthusiasts who know a lot about Linux coding. Often, as with … Continue reading “Antergos Bites the Dust”

Plasma 5.14 Just Released – Here’s what to discover.

Virtual Desktops Have Changed in Favor of Activities It doesn’t seem possible to switch virtual desktops with a programmable keyboard shortcut anymore, however, in my pure Archlinux KDE Plasma 5.14 install, it is possible to switch desktops by placing the cursor on a blank area of the screen and using the mouse wheel – if … Continue reading “Plasma 5.14 Just Released – Here’s what to discover.”