Are there intergalactic stars, or stars outside of galaxies? The answer is yes, and they have a category for them called rogue stars.

Furthermore, we know that it seems to be the norm rather than the exception that stars have planets orbiting them, so it’s fair to say there are also exoplanets orbiting rogue stars.

According to Wikipedia: “A rogue star, primarily known as an intergalactic star, is a star that has escaped the gravitational pull of its home galaxy and is moving independently in or towards the intergalactic void. More loosely, any star in an unusual location or state of motion may be termed a rogue star. “

Intergalactic, or rogue stars, were first discovered in the Virgo cluster of galaxies, an image of which you’ll see here.

There are even rogue planets, without a star, and if Earth were one of them it might look like the image below.