What would happen around the world if we discovered very basic life on Mars, like a living bacteria in some water or something?

First they’d have to closely examine if it wasn’t cross contamination. We’d have to make sure it wasn’t something we brought along with us or with our rover or space craft from Earth.
It would be a very big deal. It’s the holy grail in the age-old war between religion and science!
It would mean life could exist on other planets and therefore life could evolve on other planets, somewhere, and it would mean there might be intelligent life out there somewhere.

How does the Earth's rotation affect time?

People, people. We are answering this question by saying again and again the rotation of the Earth does not affect time.
I’d approach it differently.
The rotation of the Earth is why we have different times. It’s why we have time zones and the International Date Line. The rotation of our planet affects everybody’s time!

What would happen if the world had no Internet?

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtTUsOKjWyQ]
Hey. I was BORN and LIVED in a world without Internet for most of my life!

It was pretty much the same as now, except people spent more time sitting in front of the TV than computers.

It wasn’t until I was in my thirties that I even saw a personal computer. As kids, we all had plastic guns and played Combat. We ran in the woods and swam in the reservoir. We dug tunnels!

I even strung a wire. A single bell wire, from my house, all the way to my cousin’s house up the street. We used the ground as the ground. Literally. The wire was one side of the circuit, the water pipe the other, and we were able to send Morse code to each other.

We had acorn fights in the fall and snowball fights in the winter. We went to school and hid under desks for drills in case there was a nuclear war with the Russians. I learned to type on a mechanical typewriter, a skill I find very useful now inside my Linux box.

I’m 63, soon to be 64. I’m a baby boomer, born in 1953. I grew up on black and white TV. My Uncle Henry had the first color TV on the block. We’d all go to his house to watch the only color TV shows on the air at the time: the CBS evening news with Walter Cronkite followed by Bonanza, every Wednesday.

We never locked the car or the house even though we were 35 miles from New York City. Had a dog and a cat. A great childhood and a great life!

How can space go on forever?

We don’t know.

How can space not go on forever?

Either question is pretty much the same. All we really know is it seems to be pretty big, and it takes a long time for light to reach us from far away. The farthest we’re able to see is just under 14 billion light years, so we don’t know if there’s anything beyond that or not, but it is a quandary how come there’s nothing older out there.

It suggests there was a big bang, a creation moment, somewhere back then.

Is Mars a Friend of the Earth?

I heard they didn’t like us. They might even invade us and take over, and then we’d have a War of the Worlds.

Turns out My Favorite Martian isn’t so friendly after all!

We sure spend a lot of money sending robots there. Some idiots are thinking about sending people there.

We can’t live there. The atmosphere is too thin, and it’s poisonous. There is no hot core to the planet anymore because the planet is too small. The core cooled off. We know there used to be a hot core because of all the dead volcanoes.

Because there’s no hot core anymore, there’s no organized magnetic field.

Without a magnetic field, there’s nothing to shield people from harmful rays. Even spacemen in colonies would have to live indoors and still be subject to bad stuff coming from the sun.

I think it’s a waste of money to send people there, and it’s no friend.

With Our Existing Technologies, Could We Destroy the Sun?

Wayne Boyd
Wayne Boyd, Philosopher, blogger, published author

I suppose people will answer this by asking why would we do that, we’d die!

I’m just going to address the question directly.

The answer is no. We are so tiny. We couldn’t do anything on the scale that would destroy the sun. Have a look yourself. We are not even a pea compared to the sun. We’re just a grain of sand. We could destroy humankind on Earth and wreck our own environment up pretty bad, but there’s nothing we could do that would be bad for the sun.Solar_System_3


Musings of an Amuser

This is a wandering article. It’s about the flu, my computer, and software.
As I write, I’m sick with what I think is probably the flu. Probably, because I haven’t been to the doctor. I will probably go to the doctor before I have to go back to work so I don’t have to go back to work so I can get better.
In the environment of my work place I am exposed to many people. Some of those people have confirmed cases of the flu. It’s likely I contracted the flu, if that’s what I have, from there.
Oh, I’ve had the flu before. I have aches and pains, my muscles and joints ache. I have a fever of about 100 F. My nose is stuffy. I sleep all day and all night. The glands on my neck are swollen. My head is in a fog. I have no energy.
I think it’s probably the flu.
I sit here in front of my computer because I can’t stay on the couch in the living room all day. I try flipping through Facebook or Twitter, but my head is in a fog. I feel awful.
I’ve got some minor glitches with my computer which, for the last several days, is running on Ubuntu Studio. Most annoyingly, the volume control on my keyboard isn’t controlling the volume control of whatever comes out the speakers. If this were Linux Mint it would be okay, but it’s Ubuntu Studio. There’s several fixes I found when I Googled them, but I’m sick and don’t have the concentration or energy to do anything about it.
I did think about going back to Linux Mint. It wouldn’t be hard. I could do that even if I was sick. But I’m happy in the Ubuntu environment for now. I do miss the software repositories. I do miss a lot of stuff. It wouldn’t be much different. I’d be using the same desktop environment, xfce.
So what is it that I want to stay away from Linux Mint for now? I’m not sure.
I guess I don’t want to be held in a box, backed into a corner, with no other options. I’m a “computer freedom” guy. It’s why I have a different operating system on my computer than most people who run the boring and security flawed Microsoft Windows.
So here I’ve been in the Linux world for years. I use an Android phone, Android being built upon Linux. iPhones being built upon Unix-like just like BSD. Windows phones, fortunately, never really took off, but Windows still dominate the computer world. Most people who use a laptop or desktop computer don’t even know that you don’t have to be restricted to running Microsoft software. You don’t have to pay for software. And why pay for vulnerable software anyway? You don’t have to.
For a couple years recently I went without my desktop. When I started this blog, I wasn’t using a desktop. It was all done from my tablet or Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. Eventually, however, I realized that I’m a touch-typist. I can type about as fast as I can think and I don’t have to look at the keyboard. I look at the screen. These words were typed looking at the screen, not the keyboard. Everyone should learn how to touch-type. It’s great. So touch-typists need a keyboard. I revived my computer and here I am. Inside Ubuntu Studio.