What linux distribution is best for AI and Machine Learning Researchers? This question previously had details. They are now in a comment.

What linux distribution is best for AI and Machine Learning Researchers? If we assume you are asking this academically and not for personal use, here’s some information you might find edifying.

Up till recently, Google was using Goobuntu, a Googlized version of Ubuntu Linux, on all their in-house super powerful mainframe AI computers.

Now, however, Google has dropped their platform built on Ubuntu and switched to a Debian derivative called gLinux, effectively cutting out the middle man.

IBM’s Watson, the huge AI supercomputer, uses SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, and Microsoft is said to be developing their own Linux-based operating system for their in-house computers which makes up their Cortana as well as the websites where MS sells Windows (ironic).

So when you talk to Google Assistant on your Android phone, talk to Cortana on your Windows device, or wonder how Watson won a round at Jeopardy on TV, know it’s all based on Linux. Each one uses a different version of Linux.

As for big mainframe file servers, the obvious choice for mainframe programmers would be the Btrfs file system.

By the way all of the top 100 mainframe computers in the world now use Linux.

The particular version is up to the administrators. No one version tops the other.

Below are images of IBM Watson playing Jeopardy on TV (left) and the actual Watson Mainframe running Linux on the right. Click to enlarge.

Can we backtrack Earth’s position and find out if more nearby objects got bombarded with icy comets which added water? If so, where are they today?

Maybe there’s other planets with water out there, eh? Interesting question but there is no need to go to all that trouble as far as we here on Earth are concerned. As someone else pointed out, Earth’s orbit is fairly stable and the earth already cleared a path around the sun, absorbing all the debris in our area as it went around and around.

How much water are we talking about, anyway? Let’s see. The amount of water including all the fresh water and all the oceans on Earth is very small compared to the size of the Earth. Therefore we know that not a very high percentage of icy comets were needed to produce water, and we also suspect that chemical reactions also produced water. This image illustrates the amount of water compared to the size of the earth.


So as you can see from the above image, Earth really is mostly solid. There’s really not that much water in comparison.

In conclusion, we didn’t need a lot of icy comets percentage wise to produce this effect.

Is it just as likely that there is no other life in the universe as it is likely, and if all life on Earth ends there will never be life again anywhere?

I’m happy to tell you that the law of probability does suggest there’s not only life out there, but intelligent life. Unfortunately, we may or may not ever discover it. That’s depressing. Be comforted, though. Those people out there are wondering the same thing we are wondering down here! It’s just that everybody is just too many light years away!

How they make 3D street art

There are many pictures on the Internet, like the one below, and many videos that show you how they created this effect. One of them is also below.


This is actually a 2D image that was painted on the sidewalk and must be viewed from a very specific angle. Here’s a youtube video showing how they create similar 3D street art.

Below is a smaller scale 3D art project and how it was created on paper. It’s a rose that appears to rise above the paper to the amazement of anyone looking through a camera held at exactly the right angle and height!

Having come from a family of artists (my mother painted with oil and my brother Jeff painted, drew and sculpted before he became a psychiatrist), but with no real talent personally to draw like this, I’m really amazed by the sheer genius of these artists!

Another year of RationalThinking101

I got the notification from WordPress. Time to renew my 1 year subscription for hosting rationalthinking101.com on WordPress. It’s $38.

After contemplating whether I should keep the darn site up and running, I realized although the readership is not ginormous, it is satisfying, and I just like talking about stuff. Mostly that stuff is about science-type thingies. Occasionally, I write about miscellaneous stuff. Mostly, however, it’s just stuff.

That being said, I decided, “What the heck, eh?” (I used to live in Canada, therefore the “eh”.) I forked over the dough and renewed the subscription.

After all, over the years, I’ve owned and administered dozens of websites, some now non-existent, some still existing, some still existing under new administration. These includes domains like chakra.org, radiostories.com, ephotomagic.com, wayneboyd.com (no longer own it), timegods.com and now rationalthinking101.com.

RationalThinking101.com is the only active site that I participate in that I administrate. You can, of course, find me on Twitter, Facebook and Quora a lot, but as for my own site, this is the one.

Get ready for another year of… well whatever it is that I do here!

openSUSE Tumbleweed

Latest Linux

  • The latest Linux OS that I’m using these days is now openSUSE Tumbleweed.
  • Tumbleweed is a rolling distribution but has some stability at the same time. I prefer rolling distros.
  • openSUSE is a very large Linux distro with two flavors: Tumbleweed and Leap.


  • I downloaded the tumbleweed 64bit version from openSUSE.org.
  • My computer won’t allow booting from a USB stick as newer motherboards do, so I had to burn the downloaded .ISO file onto a DVD and boot.
  • Since I have 3 hard drives, a 400 G and 2 terabytes drives, I always select expert install and manually partition as I like:
        1. a) My 400 G drive is for Swap and /Boot
          b) My first terabyte drive is for the “/” partition
          c) My second terabyte drive is for “/home”
          d) I have a lot of unused wasted space on my drives.

After Installation

  • The first thing I do after a Linux installation is copy my pictures and documents (which I stored on a separate DVD) into my /home directory.
  • Next I create four virtual desktops and setup switching from left to right with ctrl-alt-(right)or(left)key
  • Next I install Google Chrome, which I do as follows:
sudo zypper ar http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/rpm/stable/x86_64 Google-Chrome
sudo zypper ref
wget https://dl.google.com/linux/linux_signing_key.pub
sudo rpm --import linux_signing_key.pub
sudo zypper in google-chrome-stable

I use Chrome because it has a “built-in” flash player which allows me to watch netflix and amazon videos.

    • Then I go and see what kind of updates I need to install and just go from there.
    • Change the pointer cursor. Search menu for “cursor theme”
    • Change plymouth splash screen: http://brej.org/blog/?p=158
    • Change grub2 boot image: click here. I use this image.


What absolute proof is there that there is life more advanced than humanity on another planet?

“What absolute proof is there that there is life more advanced than humanity on another planet?”

You’re putting the cart before the horse. First, you need to ask if we have any proof that there is any kind of life, even microbes, on another planet. The answer to that question is no, although we suspect there may be somewhere.

So if we don’t even have evidence of any life originating elsewhere from Earth, we certainly don’t have evidence of life more advanced than humanity.

The laws of probability suggest there is likely some life somewhere else other than Earth, but until we find something to prove that, it’s just a theory.