What if I told you scientists don’t know how life started on Earth? Well they don’t. Demoralizing I suppose.
Scientists do not know how life began on Earth. They do know that the early Earth’s atmosphere was very different from the atmosphere now.  -Las Cumbres Observatory website
Then there’s these curious comments made here and there. In 2015 Science magazine said: “Researchers may have solved origin-of-life conundrum”  (they didn’t). In Wikipedia: “The origin of life is a scientific problem which is not yet solved. There are plenty of ideas, but few clear facts.”
Theories abound. Lightning. Storms. Even pass it on to somebody else’s problem, like it began elsewhere and came here on a rock from space.
Scientists will be the first people to tell you they don’t know everything. They never claimed they did. They’ve got lots of areas where more research and scientific research is needed and is inevitable.
Combine this with trying to find life on other planets and I see a great unspoken bullied kid grows up syndrome. Scientists have been bullied, and now they’d love to punch back.
For centuries, indeed even in today’s political field, science itself and those that are trained in it’s methods, are politicized and bullied. In the past the Church called them heretics. Nowadays politicians suggest the government has no business funding any scientific research at all!  For example, the respected journal Scientific American, once wrote an article “Battle over Science Funding Gets Fiercer in U.S. Congress … Research agency critics, such as Sen. Ted Cruz, have new positions with power to control money and priorities.”
How things would change if we could just somehow prove that life exists on other planets, and that it evolved from chemicals here on earth! It would mean the Earth isn’t the center of the Universe. It would give a scientific explanation for life other than Creationism. It would mean the bullied kid could grow up and take on the bully.
That’s why the category of this article is called “The Way I See it.” Because it is.