NASA says Terraforming Mars Not Possible

This article was originally posted on Business Insider. A NASA-sponsored study found there's not enough carbon dioxide on Mars to deliberately modify the planet's atmosphere (known as terraforming). This means terraforming isn't a viable option to make the planet habitable for humans. Terraforming the planet was the entire basis for Elon Musk's plans to colonize... Continue Reading →

High enough to avoid the rising Seas

Where I live in Amarillo it is 3,634 feet (1,107.64 meters) above sea level. Not as high as Denver, the mile high city, but still fairly high. Did did you know that at higher elevations water boils at a lower temperature? It's true! Because water boils at a lower temperature at high altitudes you have... Continue Reading →

50.5 miles per gallon

Here I sit at the car dealership while my Toyota Prius gets it's yearly inspection. The car is averaging 50.5 mpg in town. For long trips accross country it gets 45 mpg. My previous car got 23 mpg. Overall I'm happy with the vehicle. Maybe it's not built to haul 2x4s and other lumber, but... Continue Reading →

Why are we so obsessed with finding the smallest amount of life on another planet when we have amazing life that we take for granted here on Earth and we destroy it?

We have no proof life exists anywhere in the universe other than Earth. Given a planet with the right conditions, life can spring from matter and eventually evolve into something greater is the wet dream of science, but still an unproven theory.

How do some people still believe Earth is the only planet with intelligent life?

Ignorance. I once posted a question to my Facebook page. Which do you believe: 1) Earth is 4.5 billion years old like scientists say or 2) 4500 years old like the Bible says? More than half of my Facebook crowd, which includes people from work, my wife’s family, my family, friends from my childhood, and... Continue Reading →

Worm Composting

I have a small worm composting bin. This is not it, but basically you get the idea. You keep it indoors. Worm composting is different than regular composting. With regular composting you throw your kitchen waste in a container and keep turning it over and over until it rots into nice looking dirt for your... Continue Reading →

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