How can you prove to me that life as we know it is in fact real?

We can’t prove it. We can always suspect it is something different than what we think is in fact real. This image might help illustrate our dilemma.

We could be just brains in a jar. However, calculations are that it would take more energy than presently exists in the entire universe to maintain such an illusion, so it’s likely that what we see is real and there is no “matrix” hiding from us.

Why can’t we fly to the moon? NASA is telling lies that they lost technology, does it mean we actually can’t get to the moon?

No technology was lost.

Going to the moon is very expensive, very far away and has no value now that the cold war with the Soviet Union is over. We can’t even balance the budget and Trump wants to cut taxes. During the Kennedy era going to the moon was a competition as to which country had the best space exploration. That’s over sorta except for Mars. Probably the first country to set foot on Mars will be China.

Going to the moon wasn’t a hoax. You can see trails left by the lunar rovers and reflect lasers off the reflector left behind just for that purpose. We can’t hide anything, even from Wikileaks, what to speak of a faked lunar mission 9 times over. The biggest hoax is the hoax theory itself.

Since President Obama the focus has been to go to Mars, but the moon is not out of the picture. NASA intends to harvest rocks from a nearby asteroid with a robotic spaceship, and then orbit that spaceship around the moon. They then plan to have a manned mission to orbit the moon, rendezvous with that robotic satellite and bring some of those asteroid rocks back to Earth for examination.

In the meantime, we have satellites orbiting and mapping the moon in detail.


Las Vegas Shooter Videos: Shooter on 10th Floor as well?

I came across some videos on YouTube thinking they were just another hoax. However, they do indeed appear to show a shooter around the 10th floor, not the 32nd floor, taken by different people at different angles. Muzzle blasts can clearly coming from a different part of the hotel. A friend on Quora suggested it might be a reflection off the sign near the window in question, however is it? Was there a second shooter?

There are a lot of similar videos and they do have what looks like contradictory evidence clearly shown.

Are the major world powers covering up an extraterrestrial presence on earth? Why?

The answer is no. And why? Because aliens have the same problem we have, namely traveling the distance between stars would take hundreds or thousands of years, or more. Nobody is visiting Earth from somewhere else.

Why is there a UFO cover up?

Because it is so embarrassing that people believe aliens can somehow travel hundreds or thousands of years to reach Earth that we’d rather cover that up and not let people know how stupid people can be!

Below is an actual picture of a UFO on tape:


How possible is it that aliens have already visited us, but they are microscopic?

Is it possible the Earth is or was once invaded by little tiny aliens?

As an anti-UFO person, I’m going to seize on this question and say it is very likely we have been visited by microscopic aliens.

In fact, many prestigious scientists would argue that life on Earth began by microscopic organisms coming in on meteors, much like they think the water in our oceans appeared.

I think we’re on to something.

Why did the Moon landing change humans?

It changed me. I’m human.

I was a 16 year old young man on a vacation with my parents on Lake George, New York state. One of the neighboring campsites had a portable black and white TV and set it up on a picnic table. People gathered around to watch Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong come down the ladder and say his famous words, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” before being the first human being to place his foot on an extraterrestrial body, Earth’s Moon. It happened at 02:56 UTC, but for us on vacation in New York State is was 10:56 pm.

Later I joined a religion that didn’t believe in the moon landing. I spent 29 years in that religion before I left. I still believe in the moon landing. It’s sad people try to make historic human achievements into hoaxes.

When man ventured beyond Earth it was a wonderful experience.

Sadly, I do not believe we will ever step foot outside the solar system.