I defy anyone to go with a level and see if these two towers are level or not!


Here is a diagram of the Golden Gate Bridge as you’ve probably never seen before.

It’s a suspension bridge. There are two towers that stretch cables across and suspend the bridge across the water near San Francisco, California, my former home.

If you go with a level and place it against either of the two towers, they will indicate that each tower is completely vertical. They do not lean apart. They are 100% vertical.

Yet, the distance between the bottom of the towers and the top of the towers is about 2 inches. It’s further across at the top than the bottom!

How can that be? What would be the reason that two completely vertical uprights would be further apart at the top than at the bottom?

It defies reason!

Oh wait. The Earth is round. Not according to the “flat earth society” but according to real-life engineering. I defy anyone to go with a level and see if these two towers are level or not!

How did the Flat Earther movement get started? Are they for real or just bored?

They are ignorant and think they’re smart. They believe NASA is a giant conspiracy to keep you in the dark for some reason. They also think Australia is shaped like this:

… Making Australia very long and thin. This is how Australia actually looks:



On Board

Getting on board. I don’t think some people ever get on board the scientific bandwagon.

We have in this world a diverse group of people.

Religions. We have people of all different religions, for example. Many of them accept a non-scientific view of how the Earth was created, or the age of the Earth. I don’t know how they rationalize their viewpoints which contradicts science other than to totally ignore science. Oddly, they all use smartphones connected to the internet and electric light bulbs and flying airplanes and driving cars all created by science.

Flat Earth. There are not many of them but they are a growing number. People who watch YouTube videos and fake science. Many of them are looking for a conspiracy everywhere including World politicians! The ultimate conspiracy theory? They lied to us all along! The Earth is flat. NASA is lying!

Seeing London From Long Island with a Telescope

Someone from the Flat Earth Society has countered a statement I made about Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana.

I said that because of the curvature of the earth you cannot see New Orleans from the North Shore of the lake. This person has written to me that with a powerful enough telescope you can see downtown New Orleans from the North Shore of the lake. Therefore, he says, the Earth is flat.

I have nothing to say to this poor fool. Apparently if you have a strong enough telescope you can stand on Long Island and see London!

If light doesn’t travel through time, how do we measure its velocity? Why does it have a finite velocity?


You don’t get it and it’s not your fault.

When it’s dark outside go outside and turn on your flashlight. How fast does that beam of light go from your flashlight?

Well, it goes at the speed of light.

The speed of light is constant, time is not. We are on a rotating disk that orbits the sun that orbits the galaxy that is moving toward Andromeda and nobody knows how fast we’re going.

Speed is relative in relativity. There is no one “point” that we measure our speed against! We just are where we are.

Einstein didn’t define time or light he defined something he called “spacetime”.

If you had a surfboard going at .9999999999% the speed of light relative to Earth, and turned your flashlight forward it would leave your flashlight at the speed of light for you. Here on Earth, if we had a powerful enough telescope to see you, you would be going very slowly and you turned on your flashlight. It would leave your flashlight at the speed of light for us.

When you got back to Earth you’d be young and we’d be older.


Is there a scientist who believes that the earth is flat?

That depends how far you would go to define someone as “scientist.”

There’s no scientific qualification for being a scientist, so in that sense anyone who believes the world is flat could be called a scientist.

You might want to ask what the person’s qualifications are. For example, I’m an educated man. Been around the world a few times. Studied physics in college. I’m not a scientist, though. I’m a layman. So is the person a PhD? A doctor? Do they have a Bachelor of Science degree? Did they go to college even? Did they major in chemistry, physics, astronomy, astrology, astrophysics, orbitology, volcanology, geology, geometry, anything of that nature? Mathematics, statistics, theoretical physics? Do they have anything other than their claim they are a scientist to back up the claim?

I would guess there are not many, if any, real scientists that believe the Earth is flat.

What is a thing that you would like to keep anonymous throughout your life?

Definitely I don’t want anyone to know that I was brought here by aliens because there was a civil war on my planet. To protect me, as I was heir to the planet, I was dropped off at the hospital and exchanged for another baby.

Now that I’m all grown up they came back one day and landed in my back yard, crushing my doghouse and killing the dog.

They offered me unlimited riches and pleasures. The civil war was over and it was time for me to return and take my rightful place on my own planet.

However, I was so pissed about my dog being crushed that I turned them down.

Don’t tell anyone.