Are the major world powers covering up an extraterrestrial presence on earth? Why?

The answer is no. And why? Because aliens have the same problem we have, namely traveling the distance between stars would take hundreds or thousands of years, or more. Nobody is visiting Earth from somewhere else.

Why is there a UFO cover up?

Because it is so embarrassing that people believe aliens can somehow travel hundreds or thousands of years to reach Earth that we’d rather cover that up and not let people know how stupid people can be!

Below is an actual picture of a UFO on tape:


How possible is it that aliens have already visited us, but they are microscopic?

Is it possible the Earth is or was once invaded by little tiny aliens?

As an anti-UFO person, I’m going to seize on this question and say it is very likely we have been visited by microscopic aliens.

In fact, many prestigious scientists would argue that life on Earth began by microscopic organisms coming in on meteors, much like they think the water in our oceans appeared.

I think we’re on to something.

Why did the Moon landing change humans?

It changed me. I’m human.

I was a 16 year old young man on a vacation with my parents on Lake George, New York state. One of the neighboring campsites had a portable black and white TV and set it up on a picnic table. People gathered around to watch Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong come down the ladder and say his famous words, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” before being the first human being to place his foot on an extraterrestrial body, Earth’s Moon. It happened at 02:56 UTC, but for us on vacation in New York State is was 10:56 pm.

Later I joined a religion that didn’t believe in the moon landing. I spent 29 years in that religion before I left. I still believe in the moon landing. It’s sad people try to make historic human achievements into hoaxes.

When man ventured beyond Earth it was a wonderful experience.

Sadly, I do not believe we will ever step foot outside the solar system.

I defy anyone to go with a level and see if these two towers are level or not!


Here is a diagram of the Golden Gate Bridge as you’ve probably never seen before.

It’s a suspension bridge. There are two towers that stretch cables across and suspend the bridge across the water near San Francisco, California, my former home.

If you go with a level and place it against either of the two towers, they will indicate that each tower is completely vertical. They do not lean apart. They are 100% vertical.

Yet, the distance between the bottom of the towers and the top of the towers is about 2 inches. It’s further across at the top than the bottom!

How can that be? What would be the reason that two completely vertical uprights would be further apart at the top than at the bottom?

It defies reason!

Oh wait. The Earth is round. Not according to the “flat earth society” but according to real-life engineering. I defy anyone to go with a level and see if these two towers are level or not!

How did the Flat Earther movement get started? Are they for real or just bored?

They are ignorant and think they’re smart. They believe NASA is a giant conspiracy to keep you in the dark for some reason. They also think Australia is shaped like this:

… Making Australia very long and thin. This is how Australia actually looks:



On Board

Getting on board. I don’t think some people ever get on board the scientific bandwagon.

We have in this world a diverse group of people.

Religions. We have people of all different religions, for example. Many of them accept a non-scientific view of how the Earth was created, or the age of the Earth. I don’t know how they rationalize their viewpoints which contradicts science other than to totally ignore science. Oddly, they all use smartphones connected to the internet and electric light bulbs and flying airplanes and driving cars all created by science.

Flat Earth. There are not many of them but they are a growing number. People who watch YouTube videos and fake science. Many of them are looking for a conspiracy everywhere including World politicians! The ultimate conspiracy theory? They lied to us all along! The Earth is flat. NASA is lying!