Worm Composting

Image result for red wigglersI have a small worm composting bin. This is not it, but basically you get the idea. You keep it indoors.

Worm composting is different than regular composting. With regular composting you throw your kitchen waste in a container and keep turning it over and over until it rots into nice looking dirt for your garden.

With worm composting you buy red wiggler worms from someone on Ebay (at least that’s where I get the best luck), throw the worms in with your compost and they eat it and turn it into nice looking dirt for your garden.

You’d be surprised what you can compost with your worms.

First, never feed them oily food, meat or milk products, eggs, or stuff of that nature.

But if something grows, red wrigglers can usually eat it. It’s good to grind it up to small pieces, but they’ll eat it.  According to Cathy’s Crawly Composter, red wigglers “eat most things organic including fruit/veggie scraps, bread, coffee grounds/filters, tea bags, grains, plant trimmings, paper, leaves” and so on.

But did you know if you have a paper shredder you can throw in some of that? Yes you can. Just no plastics or stuff that’s shiny. No plastic windows over envelopes.

So here’s a list of unusual stuff you can feed your red wrigglers.

  1. Lint from your drying machine.
  2. Grass from your lawnmower.
  3. Leaves that fall off your trees.
  4. Cardboard boxes.
  5. Coffee grounds and the coffee filter as well.
  6. Crushed egg shells, but make sure you rinse out the inside to get rid of the egg white before you crush it up and drop it on your worms.

These worms never seem to sleep. Every time I look in on them they’re crawling around, but they never “wander” – crawl out of the container. Finally I figured it was all those coffee grounds that keeps ’em awake.


Health Care should be like Automobile Insurance – everybody’s got to have it.

Did you know, you must pay a tax if you watch TV in England? Even if you use rabbit ears or watch TV on your computer you have to pay this tax, but if you have no TV you don’t have to pay. I don’t know how they know if you have a TV or watch TV on your computer.

Speaking of which, some insurance companies offer less expensive automobile insurance for good drivers, but everyone, nonetheless, has to have automobile insurance. People don’t say, “Why do I have to have any at all? I never have accidents.” You just have to have it.

Similarly, people should have to have health insurance, both the young and healthy and the old and infirm. Young, healthy people shouldn’t be able to opt out because they never go to a doctor. Think of it like automobile insurance. You drive a car, you have to have insurance. You live in the United States, you have to have the insurance.

Seen from that perspective, affordable health care would be more affordable, because in reality it’s the people who don’t need the health care that are paying the benefits for those who do. The young are taking care of their elders. It’s not supposed to be the young don’t care for the elderly, because one day they will be elderly.

If we could simply implement that one idea, then call it what you like, Affordable Care Act, Obama Care, Trump Kick out Obama Care and put in Trump Care (same difference), if everyone had it, that would make it good for everyone. Wouldn’t it?

H2O: Dangerous Chemical!

This was found on the newsgroup: rec.humor.funny

A student at Eagle Rock Junior High won first prize at the Greater Idaho Falls Science Fair, April 26. He was attempting to show how conditioned we have become to alarmists practicing junk science and spreading fear of everything in our environment. In his project he urged people to sign a petition demanding strict control or total elimination of the chemical “dihydrogen monoxide.”

And for plenty of good reasons, since:

  1. it can cause excessive sweating and vomiting
  2. it is a major component in acid rain
  3. it can cause severe burns in its gaseous state
  4. accidental inhalation can kill you
  5. it contributes to erosion
  6. it decreases effectiveness of automobile brakes
  7. it has been found in tumors of terminal cancer patients

He asked 50 people if they supported a ban of the chemical.

  • Forty-three (43) said yes,
  • six (6) were undecided,
  • and only one (1) knew that the chemical was water.

The title of his prize winning project was, “How Gullible Are We?”

He feels the conclusion is obvious.

Geese and Experimental Dictation

Every word, sentence, or incomprehensible phrase that follows this paragraph was achieved by dictating to my smartphone. I have changed nothing for hilarity and experimentation sake. Enjoy.

Canadian geese. They’re not really Canadian geese are they?.

Canadian geese candy found everywhere! Right now the light huge o’clock of these walking nightmares flying over my head! I can remember not long ago when Thousand of Canadian geese were flying over my house making a huge wreck it. My step daughter, Liana, came out to see what it was and I bird dropping fill right on her head! I laughed but she said it wasn’t funny!

In England I also had problems with Canadian geese. They would congregation the lawn at Hawk TV Taunton Manor. You see, when Canadian geese poop they poop a lot. And there poop is big. Its in nuisance whenever they land. Wherever they congregation so one evening I want out there with a red laser pointer. Hi pointed the light on the grass in front of the geese and it drove them crazy. They would run away from it with her wings flapping then turn around it and aggressively attack it! It seem to bother them a lot. But it didn’t chase them away or keep them from coming back Andrews.

When I was a kid growing up and Boonton New Jersey, we used to hang around the damn at the jersey City reservoir. Canadian geese would like to that place and land by the millions. But as I found out don’t try to chase him! Because they will chase you back! And they can run pretty fast and a open their wings and a look pretty big and deal live at you and genuinely give you a freight!

Put still they signal a change of seasons.
It’s not bad out today. It’s cool but the wind is not blowing very hard. And the sun is shining brightly and the sky is blue. Nice to get some fresh air. The doctor told me yesterday to keep up the good work. Keep losing weight, and of course exercise. I don’t go to the gym. I like getting Outdoors. I don’t do it enough. But I also sometimes do squats at work.

My Dog bolts ahead and then a few hundred yards away to look back to see if I’m still coming. If I turn around the other way to get ahead. She’s a good dog. Snap Alicia and she walks very nicely with a loose leash. She never talks unless another dog walks by! She’s happy that I’m out here walking around and doesn’t care that I’m talking into my phone. She has no idea about technology and she’s perfect she doesn’t have find my phone?

I hear birds chirping. There is a. And winter when it gets really quiet. But when you hear the geese and the other little birds singing then you know it’s almost Sprint.

Frustrating Weight Loss

My diet plan predicts that I should be losing 3 lbs. per week. But the last week the scale moves not. It’s frustrating! I am working so hard, diligently and dare I say faithfully on keeping to the diet plan. Yet my weight remains fixed.

Oh gravity is so strong!

Trying to Stay Healthy 

Today I did 200 squats at work. Not all at once, but in sets of 20 or 25 at a time.

Yesterday I managed to do 125 squats, and when I got home my legs felt sore. Heaven knows what my legs will feel like tomorrow morning, but I feel if I keep exercising in this way it will help in my yearly Physical Agility Test which I have to pass to keep my job.

There is also the additional benefit that it actually makes my job easier. These days when I come to a flight of stairs at work I can jog up them or jog down them with no difficulty. A year ago I could not have done that. Just walking up the stairs was an effort. Now I look forward to running up and down the stairs at every opportunity.

I even have a smartwatch which tells me how many steps I take and how much my heart has been active in a day. This is a good infants from me two exercise more.