Is the Earth flat or spherical? Logically, what makes more sense is an Earth that is a flat, stationary plane or an Earth that is a spinning, spherical ball?

A Spherical Earth would require gravity which we don’t see or can not prove. A Flat Stationary Earth is “what you see what you get” You see a Flat Earth with no curve. You do not feel the Earth to be moving. Easier to explain therefore occam’s razor would suggest a flat earth is what we live on.

Here is my answer to the above:

Which makes more sense to you? An Australia that looks like this from your flat earth map? (see image below)

Or an Australia that looks like this which are the correct proportions for that continent? (see image below)

One of many problems with your flat earth map is it distorts the southern hemisphere greatly because you’re trying to make something spherical look entirely flat.

Or what about this image which correctly shows the size and dimension of Antarctica? (see image below) Did you know we have people living in South America, including an American station.

In the image below is a photo of the station called Amundsen-Scott Station, located 300 feet from the south pole. At the south pole there are about 2 miles of ice over dry land, and because it’s a glacier, it’s slowly moving south at a distance of about 10 feet per year:

Below is a picture of where this station is located:

(Picture courtesy By Teetaweepo; adapted by H Debussy-Jones (talk) 08:53, 14 November 2009 (UTC)) In this image you can also see all of the other active station on Antarctica. So despite what you’ve been told, Antarctica is not “a wall of ice” preventing you from finding the Earth is flat. It’s a continent, full of ice and mountains of rock. There is dry land there, too.

Seeing London From Long Island with a Telescope

Someone from the Flat Earth Society has countered a statement I made about Lake Pontchartrain in Louisiana.

I said that because of the curvature of the earth you cannot see New Orleans from the North Shore of the lake. This person has written to me that with a powerful enough telescope you can see downtown New Orleans from the North Shore of the lake. Therefore, he says, the Earth is flat.

I have nothing to say to this poor fool. Apparently if you have a strong enough telescope you can stand on Long Island and see London!

The Earth is Flat

The Earth is flat, at least according to the Flat Earth Society. Although officially they have only about 500 members, the postings and YouTube videos have pulled in some secret admirers that believe. Because it’s true.

The Earth is flat.

It’s always been flat. The governments of the world, the astronauts who claim they went to the moon and NASA are all covering up the truth. The north pole is at the center of the disk shaped Earth, and Antarctica is a wall of ice that surrounds the outer edge of the disk and prevents people from going further.

What happens when you get to the edge? Do you fall off? As far as I understand, no. There’s a dome over the top of the whole thing and you’d run into the dome at the outer edge, because

The Earth is flat.

It is the conspiracy of conspiracies. The biggest cover-up of them all. Look it up on the Internet. They wouldn’t put it on the Internet if it wasn’t true.

If it says “conspiracy” then it simply has to be real. Here are the top 10 conspiracy theories that people actually believe:

  1. The moon landing was fake.
  2. Hitler is alive and was involved with the attack on 9/11.
  3. Dungeons and Dragons is a cult.
  4. Paul McCartney died and was replaced by an impersonator.
  5. Our world leaders are lizard people.
  6. The CIA created AIDS.
  7. The 27 Club. A wide selection of musicians died at the age of 27, including Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison. The number 27 hold otherworldly power over the music industry inviting the biggest stars to die at 27 years old.
  8. The Middle Ages didn’t exist.
  9. The Jews created the Holocaust. Hitler was planted in Germany by evil Jews and his acts during WWII were Hitler following orders from his bosses.
  10. Obama was a Muslim, wasn’t born in America, could control the weather and had a mosque in the White House.

Notice that “the Earth is Flat” isn’t in the top ten. You know why? Because this conspiracy is so big and we’ve all been brainwashed since children, that even conspiracy theorists have trouble accepting the fact

The Earth is flat.

What do you think?

Follow up: What will it take for the West to apologize for imperialism, slavery and aiding terrorists?

What will it take for the West to apologize for imperialism, slavery and aiding terrorists?What will it take for the West to apologize for imperialism, slavery and aiding terrorists?
The following article was posted here, on this blog, and with my permission reposted on Writer’s Beat. The follow up comments on that site deserve a follow up on my site. Here was the exchange with the comments that followed.
  • Must our nations be brought to their knees for an apology?

No Western nation ever apologized for imperialism, slavery or political dirty business – yet they are proud of their history. Must we, as Westerners, suffer Germany’s fate to feel remorseful for our crimes?

Well, that’s not true. Several western nations including the United States and Australia have offered apologies and regret for the past.

I am a white man born in New Jersey, USA, living in Texas, USA. Who should apologize? Me? I didn’t do it. I was just born here. I like and get along with pretty much everybody. My son is Hispanic, my nephew is black, and I have other relatives who are from China. So should I apologize? My neighbor? My friends?

Should the government apologize? The people in the government didn’t do it, they were just elected recently. Who or what entity would be able to offer enough of “I’m sorry,” to make it better?

Everyone is sorry it happened. Don’t you know that? Who’s going to be “enough” to offer the apology? Bitterness doesn’t solve it just as ignoring that it happened solve it.

Just go on and build a better world, together.


EXPAT Added Apr 12, 2017 – 5:30pm
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Wayne. You are a welcome voice of reason, and for that you will be vilified by the delusional ideologues who haunt this site.
You need to post the source of your quotation, so we can better understand the context.
My life parallels yours. I was born on Long Island, lived in California, then went to Dallas for 8 years to build the light Rail. I married a Brazilian, who had a part black son.

My son adopted a baby Girl from China, and I brought my family to Taiwan to live for 2 years.
I now live in Thailand, as freedom is what I want, not luxury.

Thanks for a positive article! All we get nowadays is angst.

Tom C. Purcell Added Apr 12, 2017 – 6:08pm
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Good article, good point.  Enough is enough and today’s westerner deserves to prosper once again.  For the sake of generations to come, we must.  The guilt era should be ending soon, and it’s the new era that is shaping now.
George N Romey Added Apr 12, 2017 – 6:39pm
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Very good article, particularly when you consider today’s economic woes hurt all kinds of people-not just old white dudes.
Louis E Weeks Added Apr 12, 2017 – 6:40pm
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I do not know a single Nation in the world that does not have it’s borders established by wars, winning or losing and the various bad things that go with wars on all sides.

It seems there is never enough “I’m sorry” for those wanting something.

EXPAT Added Apr 12, 2017 – 7:05pm
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“I’m sorry” is a statement on a person’s mental capacity.
Patrick Writes Added Apr 12, 2017 – 9:16pm
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The U.S. government could apologize for it’s role in the slave trade, and for slavery, sure.

It could apologize for the policy of forcibly removing very young native American children from parents to be sent off to ‘civilizing’ boarding schools until adulthood–with very high suicide rates. Australia recently apologized for this (they had the same, effective policy with Aboriginals for about a century only ended in the 1970’s).

Patrick Writes Added Apr 12, 2017 – 9:17pm
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I’d argue that regarding slavery, the apology should potentially be contingent on initiatives of reparations being put to bed. It’s never going to happen.
Wayne Boyd Added Apr 12, 2017 – 9:48pm
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Thank you everyone for the kind comments on my article above. I regularly post on topics of political science and other issues that interest me. Please feel free to visit my blog at I am very happy to share my views here on Writer Beat. I’m a former published author and physics major and have traveled to 37 countries in my days. -Wayne Boyd
John G Added Apr 12, 2017 – 11:22pm
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Does it hurt the reconciliation and integration process? Does it make people less tolerant?

What is your problem?

Billy Roper Added Apr 13, 2017 – 9:53am
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You giving up thousands of years of human evolutionary progress by ending your bloodline in miscegenation is all of the apology that the enemies of our race really want, don’t worry. Sounds like you’ve already paid in full.
Dino Manalis Added Apr 13, 2017 – 4:39pm
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No country is perfect, west; east; north; or south, they’ve made various mistakes.   We must learn to live together in peace; stability; and prosperity!
Wayne Boyd Added Apr 13, 2017 – 10:26pm
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Let’s just go forward. Denying it happened or being embittered that it did helps no one in particular. History should be learned but blaming modern people who neither support the terrible past nor hold misgivings toward anyone serves no one except those who want to blame someone now for what was but no more.
Mircea Negres Added Apr 14, 2017 – 1:55am
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Wayne, there’s something to be said for moving on, but it has to be done after perpetrators acknowledge what they did and apologize to the victims for what they suffered. “Nothing to see here, move on!” is insulting. However, issuing an apology after all the survivors have died of old age doesn’t do much either, like Queen Elizabeth II saying she’s sorry for the concentration camps in which British troops interned Afrikaner women and children during the Anglo-Boer War. Ain’t nobody alive today who spent time in one of those camps, so what’s the point? That kind of thing is at best symbolic and at worst just some limp-wristed attempt at political correctness.
John G Added Apr 14, 2017 – 3:34am
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In my experience the people who object to these apologies are the very people who tend to deny that very real wrongs occurred.
And they tend to be people who are pretty happy with white privilege.
Henry Ortiz Added Apr 14, 2017 – 11:03am
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So John, if your great-great grandfather killed your neighbor’s great-great grandfather then you own an apology to your neighbor, is it that what you are saying?
John G Added Apr 14, 2017 – 3:59pm
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We’re talking about imperialism and slavery. Not individual incidents.
Stone-Eater Friedli afronum Added Apr 14, 2017 – 7:03pm
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Welcome here. Another clear mind 🙂

Tamara Wilhite Added Apr 14, 2017 – 9:43pm
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European nations were the first in human history to end slavery as an institution for themselves and the world. Before the British had ships sailing the ocean, fighting slave transport ships and regimes, Native Americans had slaves, Africans had slaves, Arabs had slaves, China had slavery.
Europe has nothing to apologize for. The rest of the world should be grateful for the West ending slavery until ISIS and Boko Haram brought it back.
Mircea Negres Added Apr 15, 2017 – 2:19am
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Tamara, slavery was not only common, but also quite legal in Mauritania and Saudi Arabia until the 1960s. The Saudi king abolished it quietly when questions were asked about his black servants, freeing, then pensioning off all the slaves. As for Mauritania, slavery continued (though illegal) at least until the late 1990s if not to today. ISIS and Boko Haram didn’t bring it back, it was always there and they merely made a blatant show of it.

The West has quite a lot to apologize for, though not as much as some people think today, but if they were to do it, my wish is that it would be in a more timely fashion. I mean, just try to get the British government to apologize to the torture victims of the Mau Mau rebellion… Then again, West German and Swedish (or was it Norwegian?) firms which supplied the communist Romanian regime with phone and mail interception technology never apologized for profiting from crimes against humanity either, and many of those victims are still alive today.

Mircea Negres Added Apr 15, 2017 – 2:27am
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John G., I’m white, male and living in 21st century South Africa. Have been unemployed for over two years and am at the bottom of the Employment Equity pyramid of racial and gender restriction for employment. I was victimized by successive supposedly democratic and non-racial governments because of my skin color, gender and ethnic origin, and lost just about everything- including a shitload of blood, teeth, books, clothes, home and family. I never stole anything from the black, coloured or Khoi San people of this country and everything I had until forced to sell it for peanuts to a pawnshop in order to buy the necessities of life, I had worked for, risking my life to keep other people safe. Where the hell is my privilege? I sure would like some…
John G Added Apr 15, 2017 – 2:40am
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Mircea Negres Added Apr 15, 2017 – 2:27am

I call bullshit.

John G Added Apr 15, 2017 – 2:44am
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And btw Mircea the ANC are clients of the western neoliberal class.
Mircea Negres Added Apr 15, 2017 – 2:57am
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Correction John, ANC are clients of Russia and China. And no, it’s not bullshit. I am white, male and about as far from privileged as it is possible to be.
John G Added Apr 15, 2017 – 3:02am
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ANC are clients of Russia and China.

Good god you yarpies are stupid.

Billy Roper Added Apr 15, 2017 – 8:55am
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Mircea, John G. is the pseudonym of an anti-White former WB poster who is ashamed of the name their parents gave them.
Mircea Negres Added Apr 15, 2017 – 9:12am
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John G., I hereby call TROLL.
Kilo Mike Alpha. Serve in the military and you’ll know what that phonetic alphabet abbreviation means…
Mircea Negres Added Apr 15, 2017 – 9:13am
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Billy, who’s that? Curious.
George N Romey Added Apr 15, 2017 – 9:19am
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A white male should have no need to apologize for anything.  Three of my grandparents were immigrants and came to America well after the end of slavery.  So who exactly am I apologizing for?  A bunch of white dudes from more than 150 years ago I do not know and have no relation with?  Give me a break.

And like Mircea I am in the same boat.  I was laid off from a job (2 jobs) by a woman.  So all female owe me an apology?

Mircea Negres Added Apr 15, 2017 – 9:20am
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John G., if you don’t believe me about post-apartheid South Africa being a Russian and Chinese client,, read this—>
Now if you can’t believe a credible analyst, who can you believe?
John G Added Apr 15, 2017 – 5:58pm
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a credible analyst
A Washington based neocon think tank?
You’re having a laugh.
Wayne Boyd Added Apr 15, 2017 – 8:00pm
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“Wayne, there’s something to be said for moving on, but it has to be done after perpetrators acknowledge what they did and apologize to the victims for what they suffered.”
Be that as it may, which perpetrators are those to whom you refer? As far as I know, these “perpetrators” are long dead and the people born after them, like myself as an example, are not perpetrators of anything significant.
I see no value in getting dead people to apologist for their inhumane treatment of fellow humans or innocent living people apologizing for things they had nothing to do with.
Therefore my conclusion would be, no one can adequately or even appropriate apologize for things they didn’t do or knew anything about when they were born. I learned about it in school and reading history books.
I feel really bad people did bad things to innocent people. Maybe if the people who did it apologized that wouldn’t have been enough either, but their all dead and gone now. We just learn from mistakes of the past, learn from history and through education and culture and respect for one another, and try to make the world a better place from here on out.
Thomas Napers Added Apr 17, 2017 – 6:33am
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Who’s seeking an apology from you?

As white male from New Jersey, I suppose I could understand apologizing for slavery.  After all, it was white Americans that enslaved blacks, but the notion you had anything to do with it, as you point out, is ridiculous.  More ridiculous is apologizing for something that never happened such as being an imperialist (unless you can trace your roots back to the Roman Empire).  Why would you even consider apologizing for aiding terrorists?

martin macrae Added Apr 17, 2017 – 8:51am
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It is known as Righteous Imperial Guilt,  The liberal elites love wallowing in it, as it makes them feel superior to their great ,great, great, great, great grandfathers.  Their hatred of the West, the love of the primitive, untainted by: Hiroshima, The Holocast, Atlantic (not Arab) slave trade, Rwanda and so on,  illuistate to their friends their high-mindedness. Slavery ended a long time ago, I would guess the liberal elites would like it back so that they could be seen freeing the slaves again. They hate every thing you would consider decent, sensible and good, they prefer to appear superior, loving any daft idea, the latest is ‘transuexualism’ where  gender is a lifestyle option. This gives an example of their moral standing: anything tht makes them look ‘pure’ to their friends.
martin macrae Added Apr 18, 2017 – 10:04am
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Thomas: who do you think captured and sold slaves to the whites as they boats fetched up to the Gold Coast?  Whites could not go inland, diseases etc.  Slavery still goes on on Africa, in larger numbers than the trivial numbers that were sold to whites. Now, slaves are sold in almost the same areas, going north east in Arab caravans and pick-ups to Arabia. Saudi-Arabia is a popular market. Today, Nigerian rich elites like to have slaves as a staus symbol. Some are found wandering the streets of London when they are no longer wanted by Nigerian diplomants.
Nobody wants Black African to atone for  their  acts  in the past and present slave trade, do they?
Mike Haluska Added Apr 18, 2017 – 2:30pm
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Wayne –
Do Eastern nations/cultures have to apologize for their horrible offenses?  How about the Mongols overrunning Europe?  Tell you what – you can wait for apologies for things you had nothing to do with and I will fix myself a nice ham and cheese sandwich.
Wayne Boyd Added Apr 18, 2:34pm
Wayne, there’s something to be said for moving on, but it has to be done after perpetrators acknowledge what they did and apologize to the victims for what they suffered.

This is a perplexing statement. Are not those that perpetrated these misgivings long dead? Do you want me to apologize on their behalf? Who do you want to apologize and how much apology will be enough in your mind, or is there no “enough?

How can a Mars or moon habitat be made economically productive?

We can do a much finer exploration of Mars and the other planets/moons if we spend the money on advanced robotics, and not on the unnecessary human.

Unfortunately not only can neither a Mars nor a moon habitat be made economically productive, no Mars or Moon habitat will ever be built.

I know the non-scientific public think we are going to do all these things in the future, or even that we are right on the verge of doing it now. As such, my answers to these questions may not be popular, but they are the truth. We have been brainwashed by space movies.

No one is going to terraform or colonize these places. We will continue to send robots, rovers and orbiters to these places to study them. That’s it. If a robot dies it’s no big deal. If a human dies it’s a big deal. Sending robots is more cost effective, safer and will continue. Human space travel is an entirely unnecessary expense.

Professor Richard Muller, a physicist from UC Berkeley and author of “Physics for the Future Presidents” has stated it like this:

Most of the universe out there is pretty bleak. The planets and their moons look like exotic but very severe places to visit. They wouldn’t be much fun to explore, except remotely. Unlike the exploration of the New World in the 1500s and 1600s, will be completely dependent on the resources of a major country or company just to survive. It will be a totally artificial survival.It is far easier to create a living quarter on the floor of the Pacific, maybe even in a deep trench, than to live on the surface of Mars. We are not running out of space on Earth. Even Antarctica is far more benign than any planetary surface other than that of the Earth.

I once invited Wally Shirra to speak at a meeting on the exploration of the planets. I had no idea what he was going to say, but as someone who had “been there” I knew it would be interesting. When he spoke, he said that he knew what it was like in space, and that it was awful. Yes, you get some nice views, but space is constantly trying to kill you. He said he had no interest in going back; been there, done that, and it was exciting but exceedingly difficult. He suggested that the best way to explore the universe was with robots, like Voyager, not with people.

I agree. We can do a much finer exploration of Mars and the other planets/moons if we spend the money on advanced robotics, and not on the unnecessary human.