Did we “accidentally” bring new bacteria to the moon or Mars via our space exploration programs?

Probably, and that’s why terraforming is a bad idea. Inside the scientifically minded community, there are two distinct ideas. Don’t contaminate. Leave whatever planet it happens to be in the original prestine condition so we can study it. (This is the predominant, tree hugging concept.) Screw number 1. Terraform the planet. Make it livable for humans,... Continue Reading →

Fact or Fiction? How do you know?

Inside a category called "Fact or Fiction" on a blog that claims "Making sense of it all," it might serve to answer the questions: "Fact or Fiction? How do you know?" We have a president calling "Fake News" basically to anyone who criticizes him and claims of planet destroying events on the Internet. How do... Continue Reading →

Do you believe NASA when they state that they destroyed the technology to return to the moon?

NASA never said anything like that. What did happen was that when the Apollo program was shut down, the building that the Apollo’s were built in was retooled for newer technology. In the process, some parts were thrown away because they were outdated and better stuff was available. The reason we stopped going to the... Continue Reading →

High enough to avoid the rising Seas

Where I live in Amarillo it is 3,634 feet (1,107.64 meters) above sea level. Not as high as Denver, the mile high city, but still fairly high. Did did you know that at higher elevations water boils at a lower temperature? It's true! Because water boils at a lower temperature at high altitudes you have... Continue Reading →

How can we believe in God, but not in alien/extraterrestrial life or vice versa? This seems like a paradox to me.

I don’t see either as being dependent on the other. In other words, you can believe in God and not in extraterrestrial life. Many religious people do in fact hold that view. On the other hand, you can believe in extraterrestrial life and not believe in God. I know many people who hold that view.... Continue Reading →

Does antimatter exist?

Anti-matter does exist and has been created at the CERN super-collider. However, we used to think there was as much antimatter in the universe as matter and for some reason that doesn’t seem to be the case. Rest assured, we can create antimatter in small amounts, so the answer to your question is “Yes.”

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