If the Earth is a big ball, then why don’t we fall to the bottom of it?

Did you go to school?

What’s pulling us down? Do think people at the equator are standing on a vertical cliff? Do you think people at the “bottom” of the world are upside down and will fall off?

Fall off to where?

Gravity is why the apple falls to the ground. Gravity always “points” to the center of the earth’s core. Therefore, no matter where you stand on the “big ball” as you call it, down is always going to be toward the ground and up is always going to be up toward the sky.

Why do you believe we live on an oblate spheroid rotating over 1,000 mph that is spinning around the sun over 514,000 mph?

Earth is not a Harlem Globetrotter basketball spinning around on a finger.

The simple answer to your question why I believe is because this is what all the evidence has shown.

The word you use – spinning – is designed to indicate the earth is like a spinning top whizzing around and around at high speed. This is not true of Earth. Earth is rotating very slowly. Imagine a soccer ball on a table that turns around once every 24 hours. You could stare at it for a long time and not notice it move. The earth rotates half the speed of the hour hand on a clock. Can you see a clock’s hour hand move? It’s moving twice as fast as the earth is rotating.

So no. The earth is not spinning. It’s rotating very slowly. So slowly that there’s only a barely measurable difference in your weight at the equator than at the poles.

When we say it “spins” at just over 1000 mph at the equator it misleads some people to think that is so fast that things should go flying off into space. Think of it in terms of revolutions per minute (rpm).

Circular saw blades have an rpm of 3,000 to 50,000. Things fly off them. Cars sometimes have RPM gauges that measure RPM in the thousands. In the image below, this car redlines when the engine has an RPM of 7,000.

The rpm of Earth is 0.000694 RPM or about about 1/2 of one thousandths of an RPM.

Things don’t fly off something going just over 1/2 of one thousandths of an RPM. On the gauge below that would register as zero.

Why do people get so angry at flat earthers?

Why do people get angry at people that believe the world is flat?

I don’t think I get angry, just amused at their ignorance.

They remind me of camels.

Camels like to eat thorny bushes. While munching on them the thorns cut their tongue and they bleed. They taste this blood and think it’s juice from the thorny bush.

Meanwhile, they have a priceless expression on their faces, like they know everything and are very wise, although they are completely stupid.

So be it with flat earth people!

If NASA says that we simply cannot go any further than low Earth orbit, which is 0-1,243 miles high above Earth, then how could we have led mankind to the Moon since it is about 228,841 miles away from the Earth?

Oh you flat earth people never give up. NASA doesn’t say nothing can go above low Earth orbit. We just launched a satellite that is now way above low Earth orbit.

To orbit Earth there has to be very little atmospheric drag. Even at 250 miles, way higher than Mount Everest where the air is already very thin, there is still, although slight, some drag by the sparsely populated air molecules at that altitude. That’s where the ISS is orbiting. Every once in awhile the ISS needs a boost to stay up there because it tends, over a long period of time, to slow down due to the atmospheric drag. That’s why it’s called low Earth orbit.

We do, however, have many, many objects that are much higher than low Earth orbit. This includes the new GOES satellite that was just launched the other day and placed in geostationary orbit 22,236 miles above Earth. That’s where your Dish Network, DirectTV and Sirius/XM Radio satellites are as well. Here is a photo taken of Earth from that altitude, where you can clearly see the earth is spherical.

Did Tesla really say that the Earth was flat?

Who knows. Whether he said it or not (probably not), the Earth is still a sphere.

You can go on quoting and quoting, but you never quote people who have asserted since the days of Galileo that the earth is not flat. Why? Because no matter what anyone says, you won’t listen to anyone who says the earth isn’t flat.

Why can I see the Moon stand still in the sky if it orbits the Earth at a speed of 2,288 miles per hour?

You think that’s fast? Think again. At it’s orbital distance, as you know by watching the moon itself, it takes about 28 days to orbit the earth.

Very roughly speaking, the moon rises about an hour later each day.

That’s why you can still see it.

But you don’t believe this answer because you think the earth is flat.

Partial lunar eclipse
I took this photo from the street in front of my house in Amarillo, Texas, during a partial lunar eclipse. You can see the upper left corner of the moon is darker. The green light in the foreground is a streetlight on Pagoda Drive, Amarillo.

How do you debunk the flat Earth argument, which states that in a spherical world water should fly off at the equator due to the spin of the Earth (over 1,000 MPH)?

That Earth sure is spinning quickly, isn’t it? Once around every 24 hours! Wow. Can you imagine being out in space and looking down, waiting to see things fly off into space from the equator?

The problem is, when you’re out there in space looking down, the planet is rotating so slowly you can’t see it move. It takes a whole day just to go around one time. You could stare and stare at it and hardly notice it turning at all at that pokey speed. Nothing’s going to fly off the equator into space at that rate.

These stupid “flat earth” people have no common sense. They give these stupid arguments just to confuse people.