If the Earth is spinning, why is gravity acceleration still 9.8 not reduced?

Earth’s spin isn’t really as fast as it sounds. Imagine a ball on a table that turns around once every 24 hours. You’d get bored waiting for it to spin around once and any object on the ball wouldn’t feel much centrifugal force.

Still, there is some difference in weight depending on where you’re standing on our planet. At the equator your weight is slightly less than at the poles, and this is measurable using a scale and a simple object, like a brick.


Glass half empty

My wife says I’m a glass half empty kinda guy while she prefers to see the glass half full.

To illustrate, someone recently asked me to answer to the question “What would our life be like after we move to a new planet?” to which I replied:

“Life would be alien in the sense that we cannot survive on another planet within reach (AKA our solar system) without never going out of doors and breathing the air. We’d be depressed because we’d never see the light of the sun and breathe the air.”

Although I’m convinced this is the correct view, my wife says I’m just like my father was – a pessimist. I admit to it proudly if not pessimistically.

Why don’t people try to invest little bit of time and do research for ‘Flat Earth’? How you can claim that its wrong if you haven’t investigated it?

What a weird question. It’s been “investigated” and proven wrong a gazillion ways, but you will not accept any of the ways, so what’s the point of you asking the question?

Is it possible that gravity is created by the rotation of the Earth and is not some universal force?

The rotation of the earth pushes us outward, upward, not downward. We weigh slightly less at the equator because of that and the fact the earth is a little fatter at there due to equatorial bulge, moving us further from the center of the earth.

Is the Earth flat or spherical? Logically, what makes more sense is an Earth that is a flat, stationary plane or an Earth that is a spinning, spherical ball?

A Spherical Earth would require gravity which we don’t see or can not prove. A Flat Stationary Earth is “what you see what you get” You see a Flat Earth with no curve. You do not feel the Earth to be moving. Easier to explain therefore occam’s razor would suggest a flat earth is what we live on.

Here is my answer to the above:

Which makes more sense to you? An Australia that looks like this from your flat earth map? (see image below)

Or an Australia that looks like this which are the correct proportions for that continent? (see image below)

One of many problems with your flat earth map is it distorts the southern hemisphere greatly because you’re trying to make something spherical look entirely flat.

Or what about this image which correctly shows the size and dimension of Antarctica? (see image below) Did you know we have people living in South America, including an American station.

In the image below is a photo of the station called Amundsen-Scott Station, located 300 feet from the south pole. At the south pole there are about 2 miles of ice over dry land, and because it’s a glacier, it’s slowly moving south at a distance of about 10 feet per year:

Below is a picture of where this station is located:

(Picture courtesy By Teetaweepo; adapted by H Debussy-Jones (talk) 08:53, 14 November 2009 (UTC)) In this image you can also see all of the other active station on Antarctica. So despite what you’ve been told, Antarctica is not “a wall of ice” preventing you from finding the Earth is flat. It’s a continent, full of ice and mountains of rock. There is dry land there, too.

I defy anyone to go with a level and see if these two towers are level or not!


Here is a diagram of the Golden Gate Bridge as you’ve probably never seen before.

It’s a suspension bridge. There are two towers that stretch cables across and suspend the bridge across the water near San Francisco, California, my former home.

If you go with a level and place it against either of the two towers, they will indicate that each tower is completely vertical. They do not lean apart. They are 100% vertical.

Yet, the distance between the bottom of the towers and the top of the towers is about 2 inches. It’s further across at the top than the bottom!

How can that be? What would be the reason that two completely vertical uprights would be further apart at the top than at the bottom?

It defies reason!

Oh wait. The Earth is round. Not according to the “flat earth society” but according to real-life engineering. I defy anyone to go with a level and see if these two towers are level or not!