Could you sustain life inside a black hole?

I’m not sure what you’ve heard about black holes, but long before you get near one the gravity at your feet far extends the gravity at your head and you get stretched out and pulled apart and cease to exist. That happens well before the event horizon.

The answer to your question is no.

An Inside Tour of the International Space Station

A believer that Earth is flat once asked, “Why don’t the astronauts ever pan around with their camera so we can see the Earth is round?”

Just watch this video. There’s no question the earth is spherical and there’s no question this lady is weightless, or technically what we call microgravity, but just keep with weightless for now.

Bread ties

Everybody in the known universe knows. I don’t care whether you’re from a metric, Imperial or U.S. country. Right means tight. You screw something in with a clockwise turn, you unscrew something with an anticlockwise screw.

So why are bread ties different?

Some of them you have to turn this way, some of them that way!

What’s the deal? Why are breadties different from the rest of the world?

We know the speed of light (Michelson-Morley). We know the speed of light in a vacuum is the speed limit of the universe. Then what is holding light back?

Light is held back by Einstein, simply put. He theorized that if light was a constant, no matter who observed it, going at any velocity whatsoever, then time and space are variables.

As it happens, Einstein theories have proven correct time and time again.


Why don’t people try to invest little bit of time and do research for ‘Flat Earth’? How you can claim that its wrong if you haven’t investigated it?

What a weird question. It’s been “investigated” and proven wrong a gazillion ways, but you will not accept any of the ways, so what’s the point of you asking the question?

How does a fan work exactly (how does motion cause particles to behave so they suck or push air)?

The blades of a fan are tilted. As they whirl around, they slice through the air and because of the tilt of the blades the air is forced forward as the blade pushes them out. This creates an area of low pressure (this is why airplanes fly, too, because the wings create lower pressure above them than below them). Air from behind rushes into to fill the gap, and the next blade comes down and slices through pushing that air forward as well.

So the tilt of the blades, one after another as they spin around, force air forward and suck in air from behind to be pushed out again.