What happens when the planet is over populated?

Every heterosexual couple should have no more than 1 child. This would reduce the population and allow us to continue to abuse the environment and enjoy our pleasures of modern civilization at a sustainable level.

I assume you mean over populated by people because there are far more germs and insects than people on Earth.

In fact, we have very few people, but we are a destructive people that are capable of and are in fact changing the environment and not for the better.

Without population control it will just get worse and worse. Every heterosexual couple should have no more than 1 child. This would reduce the population and allow us to continue to abuse the environment and enjoy our pleasures of modern civilization at a sustainable level. However, in absence of that it will not get better and it will come to a point where there is a crunch. Sooner or later things will crash and eventually nature will balance things out.


Assuming that there were humans on Mars, how long would it take for a voice transmission from Earth to reach them? Would the times be different for other electronic forms of communication?

Transmissions from Mars to Earth and visa versa happen at the speed of light. However, Mars is sometimes near Earth and sometimes on the other side of the sun. Therefore, depending on where Mars is in relation to Earth in our orbit around the sun, transmission times change from 4 minutes to 24 minutes. If Mars is close to Earth in orbit around the sun it’s 4 minutes. If Mars is on the other side of the sun from Earth in our orbit, it’s about 24 minutes.

If Earth’s rotation speed changed, what would happen?

A billion years ago a year was 385 Earth days, too. So the days were shorter and the years were longer.

Over time Earth rotation slows down and we have to add time to the clock. When we do that the time we add are called “leap seconds.” This takes place at midnight UTC time where they have a 61 second minute in order to coordinate world clocks with the ever slowing rotation of Earth. This happened December 31, 2016 at 23:59:60. Notice that 23:59:59 should click over to 00:00:00, but in this case an extra second was added and the time became 23:59:60 before it clicked over. All leap seconds are added either June 30 or December 31.

This happens only occasionally. Nothing to worry about.

Is the full moon rising at the same time always?

Essentially, without going into technicalities, a full-moon rises at the same time the sun sets. So a full-moon always rises at the same time the sun sets, or within a few minutes either way. That’s why it’s a full moon, because it’s facing the sun directly and therefore the moon will be rising in the East and the Sun will be setting in the West.

Sun set times change, as you know. Some times of the year, winter for example, the sun sets earlier and rises later, so we have shorter days. In the late spring early summer the sun sets later and rises earlier, so the days are longer.

But the full moon rises at sunset. There are some technical issues, like when exactly is the Moon full, but I’m just giving you the simple answer. As the full moon continues to rise the sky will grow darker because the sun already went down.

In this image the full moon rose, but was concealed by a hill. The photographer caught this shot as it rose above the hill and the sky was already darkening.

Worm Composting

Image result for red wigglersI have a small worm composting bin. This is not it, but basically you get the idea. You keep it indoors.

Worm composting is different than regular composting. With regular composting you throw your kitchen waste in a container and keep turning it over and over until it rots into nice looking dirt for your garden.

With worm composting you buy red wiggler worms from someone on Ebay (at least that’s where I get the best luck), throw the worms in with your compost and they eat it and turn it into nice looking dirt for your garden.

You’d be surprised what you can compost with your worms.

First, never feed them oily food, meat or milk products, eggs, or stuff of that nature.

But if something grows, red wrigglers can usually eat it. It’s good to grind it up to small pieces, but they’ll eat it.  According to Cathy’s Crawly Composter, red wigglers “eat most things organic including fruit/veggie scraps, bread, coffee grounds/filters, tea bags, grains, plant trimmings, paper, leaves” and so on.

But did you know if you have a paper shredder you can throw in some of that? Yes you can. Just no plastics or stuff that’s shiny. No plastic windows over envelopes.

So here’s a list of unusual stuff you can feed your red wrigglers.

  1. Lint from your drying machine.
  2. Grass from your lawnmower.
  3. Leaves that fall off your trees.
  4. Cardboard boxes.
  5. Coffee grounds and the coffee filter as well.
  6. Crushed egg shells, but make sure you rinse out the inside to get rid of the egg white before you crush it up and drop it on your worms.

These worms never seem to sleep. Every time I look in on them they’re crawling around, but they never “wander” – crawl out of the container. Finally I figured it was all those coffee grounds that keeps ’em awake.


Who is the manufacturer of the Linux operating system?

Oh I really want to answer this question. Can I?

Linux is not a product of manufacturing. There is no company that made it. In fact, there is no one “Linux” operating system – there are hundreds of different Linux operating systems. They are based on the Linux Kernel which was written and still maintained by a guy named Linus Torvalds. He did i originally as part of a college experiment.

Then along came a bunch of other people calling themselves GNU (pronounced Gah-New) who wrote lots and lots of underlying programs to work with the Linux kernel to make up the whole of the operating system.

All of this is called “the Linux Community.”

They are the “manufacturers” of Linux. A great many good hearted volunteers who spend their spare time doing their hobby – writing Linux code!