Blown Away and Elated

I'm just frankly blown away. Here I am, 65 years old, been using Linux for 20 years, and never used Arch Linux before. It was too difficult to install, I thought. But in the end it just took some YouTube videos to tutor me, and I followed the steps, and now here I am. I... Continue Reading →

When is enough enough?

I'm not old. Sixty five. I look younger, but how much more time do I have? Twenty three years from now will be the age my father died. Thirty-four years from now will be the age my mother died. I still have some time. Right? I notice, however, that I think about "the end" a... Continue Reading →

Fedora 28 can’t play DVDs

I'm a 20 year Linux veteran. I've been using the KDE spin of Fedora 28 workstation for a while now, and I just discovered I can't play commercial DVDs! Now it seems to me this is a pretty important thing to do. I've already installed a bunch of packages and still I can't get VLC,... Continue Reading →

Where in the Linux world did I wind up?

#Fedora #UbuntuStudio #Kubuntu If you didn't read my blog post yesterday, you should know that I have installed Linux hundreds of times over the years. Lately I was quite happy in my KDE spin of Fedora 27 come 28. That is until I discovered the night before last that I could not play a Johnny... Continue Reading →

Fedora to Ubuntu Studio

I felt very secure inside of my Fedora KDE spin. I've used it for a few months now and felt very happy. I only ran into a snag last night when I discovered that I can't play a DVD on my computer. Now I am no newbie to Linux, and naturally I searched the internet... Continue Reading →

How do I download Kali Linux?

#Linux #Linuxmint #Fedora #DistroWatch #KaliLinux #Manjaro A very good web site you should know about if you’re interested in Linux is Distro Watch, which you should visit regularly. In fact, if you go to Distro Watch then you can see for yourself where to download all kinds of Linux versions (distros). If you have to ask... Continue Reading →

Why is it that questions about a given Linux distro are so numerous? You can do anything equally regardless of distro.

Although all Linux distros are built upon the same core, some versions do better than others for certain tasks. For example, my wife and I have separate computers. She likes to run Runescape on hers. To date, I’ve only found Ubuntu to be able to handle Runescape graphics. (Probably Linux Mint also.) I like to... Continue Reading →

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