Have you ever seen an alien?

Every day, on TV. He’s in his 70’s and has blond hair. Just was elected recently.

No one has ever proven that even a microbe or a fossil of a microbe has ever come down to Earth from space. There is no evidence other than in Washington DC that there are any aliens within traveling distance.

Are you going to Leave the Country?

No you won’t.

Many people said that before he was elected and nobody left. This guy’s going to be president for a long time and we need to understand why this is so. I have many close friends who are Republicans. Well, close except for that. They live next door. They work where I work (in Texas). They live in other states where my wife is from. They are my mother-in-law, my step kids, etc.

They are laughing!

They think like this (for real I heard it): “He’s going to cancel food stamps! Finally! Those people are going to have to get jobs! Come around Christmas and they will riot because they don’t have government money to pay for their free food! Hillary would not have done that! He’s stirring up the pot and it’s great! He’s EXACTLY what we voted for!”

I voted for the other candidate, but she lost.. Too much controversy. My brother said “nobody cares about the emails!” He was wrong. Bernie was way too far to the left. It was impossible.

I believe Trump will be Re-elected

I’ve just completed a trip across middle America.

Despite bad press, middle America seems to think Donald Trump is a hero.

I believe he will be re-elected.

Terrible for me, a Democrat, but I do believe Democrats do not have a pulse on America. The guy is controversial and his fan club, the ordinary guy on the street of middle America, think he’s their hero.

He’s not going to be impeached. He’s not going to be out in 3 years. He’s going to be there the whole 8 years, and then you have to worry what’s next.

Everything he does, pulling out of the Paris climate thingy, trying to repeal Obamacare, even firing the FBI guy, all spells victory for Donald Trump.

You heard it here first.

What would happen to the rest of the planets if Uranus changed places with Mars and Pluto swapped with Jupiter?

On this planet there would be total chaos in the classroom. Books would have to be rewritten.

Scientists would be busy figuring out how this happened when it should not be able to happen. It would be on the nightly news with Lester Holt.

Donald Trump would blame it on Democrats.

Immediately on Earth we would see no change except in conspiracy theories.

What nobody is telling you about the cyberattack

By Wayne Boyd May 14, 2017: There are many aspects to this ransomware attack that have yet to be mentioned.

All of the systems attacked, it seems, are running older, unpatched, sometimes even illegally cloned versions of Microsoft Windows. The cyber attackers are using ransomware that exploits these older versions of Windows. Essentially they tell their victims that if they don’t pay their files will be deleted. If their system had been updated, then the attack would not have been successful. Everybody knows this.

Issue number one:

  • Microsoft demanded money for an upgrade.
  • When people didn’t pay up, cyber terrorists demanded money through ransomware.
  • Microsoft did not orchestrate the attack, but essentially they did demand money for already functioning operating systems. People were sandwiched between two parties, both demanding money to keep their system safe.
  • Microsoft did, after the fact, cave and provide upgrades for free.

Issue number two:

  • There are alternate secure operating systems that do not cost money to purchase, install and keep upgraded.
  • Save money, drop Windows, install Linux, run your hospital, package delivery company or government on open-source software.

Issue number three:

  • Bitcoins. The alternative currency. It’s legal. It is so secure, in fact, that the cyber attackers are demanding they be paid in Bitcoins. This is the currency of the future. I read in an article that Bitcoins was a form of cyber currency used by criminals. Well, guess what? Criminals use paper money too, and non-criminals use Bitcoins too..

Good News Bad News

All news is bad news. Bad news sells.

Increasingly, however, there are human interest stories dubbed “happy news” at the end of news broadcasts, but it seems to diminish in the light of the chaos that I see going on the world.

Cyber attacks, White House in turmoil, Trump increasingly isolated, Russia buzzing our planes within 20 feet, North Korea, the terrorists in Syria and Afghanistan, firing the one guy in charge of investigating the President.

Even if you get all your news from Fox and Rush Limbaugh, surely you must sense there is chaos. Every other major news organization in the world is reporting on it.

It’s depressing. I’m really trying to understand.

I’d like this blog to steer towards science, but sometimes, I just have to say something.

So here it is: something.

The Country is Split in Three

It’s not a 2 party system, it’s a 3 party system.

There’s the Democrats, there’s the Republicans and there’s the Tea Party who are radical right wingers.

The problem is that the President is Tea Party, and Tea Party to get recognized identified themselves as Republican.

President of the United States Donald Trump proposes something.

Tea Party likes it.

Republicans are divided.

Democrats hate it.

Dead in the water!