What stars are 60 light years away from earth?

There are 32 stars within 14 light years. There are 130 stars visible to the naked eye within 50 light years away, but it is likely there are about 2,000 stars in this volume of space that we can’t see with the naked eye. If you go out a little further, 60 light years, you come up with a whole lot of stars, many of them much like our sun, and many of them likely to have Earth-like planets orbiting them. There’s no one star you could point at and say “there it is, the star that is 60 light years away.”

Have you turned into an agnostic/non-believer after your encounter with Physics/Science provided that you were a hard-core believer (a follower of a religion)? If you have, what is your message to those who prefer religion over Physics?

By Avanish Pandey 

Avanish Pandey, B.Tech from Shri Ram Murti Smarak College of Engineering and Technology, Bareilly (2016)

Actually it’s reverse in my case. I used to be a skeptical and on-the-edge-athiest earlier. But as I started learning about different theories and hypothesis on the formation of Universe, I found a striking similarity to them in my Vedic theories.

I won’t say it’s complete. I’m still in a learning phase and I constantly try to understand the symbolism inherent to the ancient scriptures. But yeah more understanding of science has brought me closer to understanding of my religious beliefs.

Growing Old Together

Musings Plus

For my husband….

Staring out the window
Remembering your youth
With no where left to go
A wheelchair now your truth

You think of how you ran
How tall you used to stand
Of how you met your man
And dancing to the band

Not fearing growing old
How strong you used to be
Your face in life was bold
Your body once was free

Now bound into this chair
Thankful for memories
He’s beside you everywhere
Kept as in reverie

You are my dearest friend
Until death do us part
Staying near till the end
You, my love, are my heart

Thank you for loving me
And letting me love you
Our love was meant to be
Until our time is through

I love you with all that I am, now and always.

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The River

Musings Plus

If you’re anxious and hurried
When you’re troubled and worried
When there is no end in sight
This is when you seek His light

Do not let the darkness win
Soon your heart and mind will mend
Turn to Him to ease despair
Your struggles He can repair

Sometimes life can drag you down
Down so low you think you’ll drown
This is when He will step in
Hold you up and help you win

He understands all your needs
He knows your heart and your deeds
By your side He’ll always be
Telling you how to be free

Listen to His soft whispers
Like the current of  rivers
Urging you to go with Him
Helping you to always swim

In His arms you will not sink
Heed His words and take a drink
His love will quench your hearts thirst
Peace with Him when He comes first

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Musings Plus

Evil casts shadows upon this world each day
At nighttime the shadows are harder to see
It’s plain to see the demons are here to stay
There is One hope for all that we can be free

Facing head on a world of evil intent
Embracing this One hope so you will be safe
Secure in the knowledge of righteousness sent
Covering you like armor with an agrafe

Staring defiantly into the abyss
My soul emits light that penetrates the dark
Nothing remains hidden, there’s nothing amiss
My spirit is safe as it bares my Lord’s mark

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A Dog’s Life

Musings Plus

Running and romping in the park
In your lap I lay down my head
Snuggling in when it turns dark
Keeping watch while you are in bed.

Lazy days laying in the sun
Chasing a frisbee or a ball
Always ready to have some fun
Waiting to hear  my master’s call.

At his side is where I will be
Protecting he and all that’s his
With no desire to be free
Happy with things just as it is.

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