Finally got myself a new phone!

Well well I finally got myself a new phone to replace my aging Samsung Galaxy S6.

So what did I get? After a lot of research I finally settled on the Google pixel 2XL with 128 Meg’s of RAM. So far I’m really really happy with the phone.

Purportedly, this phone has the best camera of all the phones on the market.


If time travel is possible, how would we know? Wouldn’t there will be time laws to stop time interference?


One of Hawking’s arguments in the conjecture is that we are not awash in thousands of time travelers from the future, and therefore time travel is impossible. This argument I find very dubious, and it reminds me very much of the argument that there cannot be intelligences elsewhere in space, because otherwise the Earth would be awash in aliens. I can think half a dozen ways in which we could not be awash in time travelers, and still time travel is possible.”

– Carl Sagan, American astronomer, astrophysicist, and author.

I’m Losing Weight

There’s an app. Pretty good one, in fact. It’s on Android. Might be available for iOS but don’t know for sure. MyNetDiary.

This is a wonderful app. Whenever I use it I lose weight. You put in your weight, then your target weight, your height, your activity level, take a “before picture” and it tells you how long it will take you to reach your target weight. You then have to “log” everything you put in your mouth – which is really easy because this app has a huge database – and keep within the calorie-per-day calculated by the app, and you lose weight.

It’s that simple. When I started in mid-April I was really kind of heavy – 266 pounds. Now I weigh 255 pounds. I’ve lost 11 pounds. Now I know it won’t be that much every month, just starting out, but that’s what it is. And you know what? I feel completely stuffed. I’m full. The app says I can reach 180 pounds by March, 2019. Let’s hope I keep it up this time.


President Trump did something Presidential

In one of the first “Presidential” things our President has done since he took office, Trump seems to be on the verge of having a summit with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, and I have to give Trump credit for doing that.

We were seriously concerned with losing Hawaii or Los Angeles with one of his bombs and now Mr. Kim seems to have realized we have a crazy President, like him, and he’d better have talks or we might not have a North Korea anymore.

Meanwhile the Earth is melting, but at least the U.S. is not missing a city.