Deepin in deep sh**

The Deepin OS is apparently in big trouble. They've released a new version of their famed operating system that cannot be downloaded. Go to the deepin website and click on download and it will take about two days to download the ISO file. Usually after about 6 or 7 hours the download will fail.

Pro-Life Democrats

Here is the issue. My wife is a registered Democrat, but she is a pro-life Democrat. Abortion is a really big issue with her and the reason she has been voting Republican. She can't get around the idea about pro-choice. The Democrat party also has no tolerance these days for pro-life Democrats, and shuns them,... Continue Reading →

Boat everybody out of office!

I belong to the boat everybody out of office party. I already know how I'm going to vote. Anybody who is in office I'm going to vote for the other guy! I'm so disgusted with the news lately except listen to classic rock!

Cell Phones bad for your health?

Let me attempt to persuade you. Cell phones, no matter how close to your body, are not bad or injurious to your health. This has been a common false claim: Cell phones can damage your brain or cell phones carried too close to your body can be injurious to your health. Cell phones do not cause... Continue Reading →

Young Sean Wellington

Here is a short story in progress that I am writing as I post. If I have sufficient interest, I will continue to post additional material. Chapter 1, Part 1 As young Sean Wellington sat on the end of the pier, legs dangling over the edge, a long tentacle emerged from the sea and wrapped... Continue Reading →

Been pretty busy lately

I've been working pretty hard lately and haven't had a lot of time to post on my blog. I basically have four jobs right now. I work for the state of Texas, I drive for Uber, I drive for Lyft, and I make deliveries with Texas ToGo.

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