Geese and Experimental Dictation

Every word, sentence, or incomprehensible phrase that follows this paragraph was achieved by dictating to my smartphone. I have changed nothing for hilarity and experimentation sake. Enjoy.
Canadian geese. They’re not really Canadian geese are they?.
Canadian geese candy found everywhere! Right now the light huge o’clock of these walking nightmares flying over my head! I can remember not long ago when Thousand of Canadian geese were flying over my house making a huge wreck it. My step daughter, Liana, came out to see what it was and I bird dropping fill right on her head! I laughed but she said it wasn’t funny!
In England I also had problems with Canadian geese. They would congregation the lawn at Hawk TV Taunton Manor. You see, when Canadian geese poop they poop a lot. And there poop is big. Its in nuisance whenever they land. Wherever they congregation so one evening I want out there with a red laser pointer. Hi pointed the light on the grass in front of the geese and it drove them crazy. They would run away from it with her wings flapping then turn around it and aggressively attack it! It seem to bother them a lot. But it didn’t chase them away or keep them from coming back Andrews.
When I was a kid growing up and Boonton New Jersey, we used to hang around the damn at the jersey City reservoir. Canadian geese would like to that place and land by the millions. But as I found out don’t try to chase him! Because they will chase you back! And they can run pretty fast and a open their wings and a look pretty big and deal live at you and genuinely give you a freight!
Put still they signal a change of seasons.
It’s not bad out today. It’s cool but the wind is not blowing very hard. And the sun is shining brightly and the sky is blue. Nice to get some fresh air. The doctor told me yesterday to keep up the good work. Keep losing weight, and of course exercise. I don’t go to the gym. I like getting Outdoors. I don’t do it enough. But I also sometimes do squats at work.
My Dog bolts ahead and then a few hundred yards away to look back to see if I’m still coming. If I turn around the other way to get ahead. She’s a good dog. Snap Alicia and she walks very nicely with a loose leash. She never talks unless another dog walks by! She’s happy that I’m out here walking around and doesn’t care that I’m talking into my phone. She has no idea about technology and she’s perfect she doesn’t have find my phone?
I hear birds chirping. There is a. And winter when it gets really quiet. But when you hear the geese and the other little birds singing then you know it’s almost Sprint.

Why America Has Guns

With a population of about 56 million in England and Wales against the United States with 318 million, the UK is about 1/6th the population of the U.S.
In the UK there are 570 homicides involving a gun per year. The United States has about 11,000 homicides involving guns per year.
If the UK had the same population as the U.S. that would make 3,240 deaths to our 11,000. Therefore, per capita the United States has over 3 times the homicide by gun rate as the UK. My figures could be grossly wrong or out of date but that’s beside the point. Pay attention.
So people ask why and people answer because we have more guns in America and then they ask again why. And we say this ain’t Europe.
We started with guns. Fought a couple of wars against the British, had a wild west, a civil war, and second ammendment and you can see we’ve always had guns.
Bad people have guns and good people have guns to protect against the bad people. People have guns to hunt, to show off, for sport and just because they can.
The odd thing is as soon as you talk about stricter rules to buy guns, it drives gun sales up. Under Obama gun sales were up. Under Trump they’re down. Go figure.
So we’ll always live in the wild west in America. You can’t get away from it. In Texas even liberals have guns. I own guns. Just the way it is.

The President has a Habit 

Millions of illegal voters showed up on buses to vote illegally in New Hampshire. The President has a habit of making things up and just plain lying.
Is he mentally ill? People are asking.
Here’s Bill Maher’s crazy list:

  1. So called judge
  2. If something happens blame the judge and the court
  3. See you in court
  4. I understand things better than anyone

All things Trump has said. Business as usual is not normal. When the CIA says we can’t tell the President secrets when we don’t know if he’ll tell them to Russia, that’s not good. The President lies and can’t keep a secret from Putin.
So the question is, are these bad habits?

Happy Valentines Day

Yeah, I know, right? Should be a more Valentines type image. But it’s what it looks like out the front door this morning here in Texas.
Valentine’s Day was originally an old pegan fertility celebration observed on February 15 during Roman times. Along came Pope Gladius the First who declared it a Christian feast day. Eventually February 14th became St. Valentine’s Day.
So be a saint yourself and get your sweetheart some flowers or a box of chocolate, or in my case maybe a snowball, then kiss her for sticking around and loving you just as much as you cherish her.
Honey, I love you. Happy Valentines Day!

Why you should blog

It was my wife’s idea. One evening she thought to start a blog on WordPress. She even came up with a great domain name: Needs work still.
She has a lot of ideas and wants to express herself. That’s the point of a blog, isn’t it?
So I started my own, too.
Living in wild sociopolitical times seemed an appropriate time to launch
Expressing myself daily helps me to share my thoughts and cross-post on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere. 

Walk in the Park

In the dog park again, listening to the quiet pops of nearby rifles. We’re in Texas and people sure do like to fire their guns. There’s a nearby rifle range. I don’t know how they can afford all of the ammunition, or to what end all that repetitive shooting will accomplish. Surely, they don’t fear the National Guard will take away their guns like people were saying before the election. Maybe they just want to go out and kill some of the local wildlife. Hopefully not me or the dog walking through a field.
Brandi, my dog, just enjoyed a run around in the fenced-in area and now I’ve come out with her on a leash walking around the main part of the park, dictating to my phone as I go. It’s a very warm day for winter. About 80 degrees Fahrenheit. People are out here having barbecues. In a few days it will snow and sleet again.
Back at the car, I get a call from my wife wondering where I am. I did tell her I was going to the dog park didn’t I?
So here I go driving the short distance home, with my head immersed in insane politics and the cosmos. I’m wondering whether I will be killed by an asteroid, a nuclear bomb, a terrorist shooting up my local street, by my neighbors and co-workers for voting for Obama, or just plain old age!
Life is just a walk in the park.

Irksome Protests

Yeah, I’m concerned about the future of the world during a Trump presidency, but I voted and my candidate lost. Did you vote?
Fine well and dandy to protest but obviously someone dropped the ball, didn’t they and now he’s in charge of the Executive Office. 
Voting for someone because you don’t like the other candidate doesn’t inspire people. As a family member told me. “I’m not voting because the lesser of two evils is still evil.”
The core supporters for Obama didn’t turn out in big numbers like the disgruntled lower middle class did.
So to some extent the protests irk me. Too late too little.