Learn how to type

Touch typing is one of the most useful skills you can learn in modern life.

It’s called the QWERTY keyboard because those are the letters across the upper left of any modern, English language keyboard. They were put in that order for a strange reason. (For some strange reason the keyboard pictured above has three Y and Z reversed.)
Back in the days when we had mechanical typewriters, like the one I learned how to type on, there was an issue of the keys getting jammed. So somebody came up with this design.
Typing should be like walking. You shouldn’t have to think about it, you shouldn’t have to look at the keyboard, and you should be able to type with 9 fingers, not “hunt and peck.” (The left thumb is the only finger not used when touch typing. Thus we type with 9 fingers.)
They call that touch typing. There are two keys on any modern keyboard, F and J, that have little bumps on them. Go ahead. Check it out. Those bumps are there for your two index fingers to find them. That sets up your two hands on the “home” keys, which for the left hand are: a,s,d,f. For the right hand its: “j”, “k”, “l”, and “;”.
There are many free typing tutor programs out there. Go find one and learn how to type properly, for Pete’s sake. You’ll find it an indispensable life skill that you will wonder how you did without.

Will “Space Force” Militarize Space?

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, wants to create a new branch ​ of the military with equal but separate powers with the air-force. He calls it “Space Force.”

I don’t think this sounds like a good idea. Are we now going to militarize space? The Internet is already producing thousands of images to mock the idea.

Quite a Statement

I realize, over time, I’m accumulating quite a collection of articles. I’m making quite a statement.
Now, as this is my blog, I could talk about anything I want, and in fact I do talk about anything I want. So what do I wind up talking about?
Well it seems to be I talk a lot about aliens, space travel, the universe and other scientific stuff. I try to put it in words the ordinary kind of person, like you and me, can grasp, and I try to put it rationally, and therefore the website name rationalthinking101.
When I peruse my own site on my phone or computer I realize I’ve written quite a lot. I hope you find some of the stuff I have to say entertaining and educational!

Yahoo is dead

Sad, really. Yahoo is dead. I met my wife in a Yahoo chat room. Yahoo chat rooms no longer exist.
It used to be a huge company. Advertised on TV. “Yahoooooo!” Big deal on the stock market.
No more. No more chat rooms either. It’s a gonner. Email only, and then if you’re foolish enough to have a yahoo email address, it’ll get filled with ads. Plus they have had security leaks. Bad deal. Poor Yahoo.
Email and news. Not a shadow of it’s former self.

India and China

They call the place Asia, but it’s a pretty big place and no significant geographical separation from Europe, and therefore we have a Euro-Asian continent. What really separates Asia from Europe is culture and people.
Now, let’s talk about the Himalayan Mountains that span 7 countries and separate India from China. Both are part of Asia, but both are completely different worlds. China invaded India once and there is still some disputed land between the two countries, but those mountains, biggest mountains in the world, separate the two countries into completely different people and cultures. Oriental Asians, including China, have the famous “slanted-eyes” while natives of India do not.
The mountains are a big deal. Head up into them and you’ll see a gradual transition of the local people from India to Oriental.

Not A Bad City to grow old in

Sitting on my home built swing in my front yard I noticed this vehicle pull up outside my paraplegic neighbor’s house. He comes out in his wheelchair and they load him up into this vehicle which seems to be owned by the City of Amarillo. It’s nice to see that this small city takes care of people who are disabled. It doesn’t seem to be a bad city or even neighborhood to grow old in!