Why do people get so angry at flat earthers?

Why do people get angry at people that believe the world is flat?

I don’t think I get angry, just amused at their ignorance.

They remind me of camels.

Camels like to eat thorny bushes. While munching on them the thorns cut their tongue and they bleed. They taste this blood and think it’s juice from the thorny bush.

Meanwhile, they have a priceless expression on their faces, like they know everything and are very wise, although they are completely stupid.

So be it with flat earth people!

Magic Card trick attempt #2

In the first example, you saw how a card was magically removed from a group of cards. Let’s try that again.

Here is another group of cards. Mentally pick one card but DO NOT CLICK on the card. Clicking does NO good. Just carefully memorize the card you have chosen!


Say the name of the card ALOUD several times. When you are ready then prepare to have your mind blown!


Prepare to have your mind BLOWN!

In the previous post you selected a card from a group of cards.

Now your card has been magically REMOVED!


Amazing! Want to see it again? Okay, TRY IT AGAIN!

Computer Monitor SEES your eye movement!

A simple online computer card trick that will confuse you for awhile!

Sometimes there are things OUR GOVERNMENT does not want you to know. One of those things is that your face and eye movement can be seen directly BY YOUR COMPUTER MONITOR.

The following will illustrate how this works.

Here are some cards. Choose any one of them, but DO NOT click on that card.


Okay, now that you’ve selected your card, REMEMBER IT! Say it several times so you don’t forget!

Once you have the card pictured in your mind, prepare to have your mind blown!

Click HERE to continue!

How far off are we from being able to transfer a human consciousness to a machine? Will Quantum computing help us get there? Is this the next evolution of our species?

“How far off are we from being able to transfer a human consciousness to a machine?”

This is going to be an unpopular but true answer to your question.

We are just on the precipice of knowing that this will never happen and that it’s been science fiction all along, Johnny Depp be damned!

I know that this will not be the answer you seek, but to be perfectly honest, we don’t even know what consciousness is, what to speak of digitizing it and then copying it and then transferring it.

It makes for a great scifi story, but this type of thing will remain in the science fiction realm for the foreseeable future and most likely forever.

No, you will not achieve immortality in this way. Sorry.

Do you have a picture of a flat earth world map?

Yes, I do, and I don’t think Earth is flat.

Here is what flat-earther’s think the world looks like:

Now, let’s rotate this map so Australia is on the bottom. No other changes are in the map other than rotation. Here it is:

Now Australia is on the bottom. Let’s zoom in on Australia in the next image.

This is what “flat earth” people think Australia looks like. Now let’s compare this map to actual distances from top to bottom and across as below:

Australia, with roads that people can drive, is 2,511 miles across. Now lets look top to bottom:

As you can see, according to flat earth theory, Australia is much wider than tall, but we can see from actual mileage it is almost the same height as length. This is a map of what Australia actually looks like:

So you can plainly see the error in flat earth ideology. The further south you go the more distorted the map becomes, all the way up to Antarctica. This should prove to any reasonable person that the earth is NOT round. It’s NOT spherical. Its a globe, and it is the only way to reconcile the discrepancies in map distortion. When you try to squeeze a globe onto a flat Earth you get the kind of distortions Flat Earth people see on their maps.