Could you sustain life inside a black hole?

I’m not sure what you’ve heard about black holes, but long before you get near one the gravity at your feet far extends the gravity at your head and you get stretched out and pulled apart and cease to exist. That happens well before the event horizon.

The answer to your question is no.

Chicago is 59 miles from the opposite shore of Lake Michigan. Given the earth’s curvature, it should be 2320 feet below the horizon. How can it be seen?

Do you have a picture of a flat earth world map?

Yes, I do, and I don’t think Earth is flat.

Here is what flat-earther’s think the world looks like:

Now, let’s rotate this map so Australia is on the bottom. No other changes are in the map other than rotation. Here it is:

Now Australia is on the bottom. Let’s zoom in on Australia in the next image.

This is what “flat earth” people think Australia looks like. Now let’s compare this map to actual distances from top to bottom and across as below:

Australia, with roads that people can drive, is 2,511 miles across. Now lets look top to bottom:

As you can see, according to flat earth theory, Australia is much wider than tall, but we can see from actual mileage it is almost the same height as length. This is a map of what Australia actually looks like:

So you can plainly see the error in flat earth ideology. The further south you go the more distorted the map becomes, all the way up to Antarctica. This should prove to any reasonable person that the earth is NOT round. It’s NOT spherical. Its a globe, and it is the only way to reconcile the discrepancies in map distortion. When you try to squeeze a globe onto a flat Earth you get the kind of distortions Flat Earth people see on their maps.

Is the Earth flat or round, and how do you know?

Well, from personal experience, from science, from math, from the fact that long bridges are wider at the top than at the bottom, from the fact that the sun doesn’t disappear due to perspective – it clearly sets and rises as you can see for yourself, from the fact that I can see a ship sail out to see and disappear below the horizon, from the fact that in the middle of the Lake Pontchartrain bridge for 8 miles you can see neither shore, from the fact that that in the middle of the ocean you can see no shore…. what makes you think it’s anything other? Because it always “looks” flat to you?

How can you see the International Space Station at night with your naked eye from earth?

So you want to know how you can see the International Space station with your naked eye even when it’s dark on Earth?

Very easily, because up there the sun is still shining while you’re in the dark. Kind of like seeing the peak of a mountain in the sunlight while the valley has long ago become dark. The ISS does go dark too, but there’s a period when it’s dark where you are and light where it is.

Once I had a cat caught on the roof of my house. It was early evening and dark. I got a ladder and climbed up to the roof to rescue the cat when this mysterious, very bright light moved steadily, silently and perfectly straight across the sky. It was, of course, the ISS, which was at that time directly over my head. It was awesome.