Lewis Little’s Elementary Wave Theory

“What a scientist tries to do essentially is to select a certain domain, a certain aspect, or a certain detail, and see if that takes its appropriate place in a general scheme which has form and coherence; and, if not, to seek further information which would help him to do that.” -S Chandrasekhar

The Funny Thing about Solar Eclipses

I took time off and traveled to Missouri with my wife and dog Brandi to witness the Great Eclipse of 2017, which we also watched with my stepson Chris. I’ve posted pictures of this event. Here are some more.

What you might not know is the difference between a solar eclipse, lunar eclipse and apocalypse.

That being said, during the partial eclipse phase I mentioned to Chris what I had read on the Internet. According to sources, light filtered through gaps in a tree’s leaves project the actual eclipse.

We tested this theory and came up with this, confirming it’s true. Take a look.


Why is SpaceX focusing on rockets and not on the space shuttle?

Why is SpaceX focusing on rockets and not on the space shuttle? Well, for one, the Space Shuttle was retired, so why would SpaceX focus on a non-existent program?

The Space Shuttle did a lot but was also the most deadly of all of NASA’s manned space flights. More people died on the Shuttles than at any other time before or since. Six people died when the Space Shuttle Challenger blew up shortly after launch, killing all aboard. Another six people died when the Space Shuttle Columbia burned up on reentry over Texas.

That is why President Obama wanted to retire the Shuttle program and concentrate on getting a human on Mars. This vision is still supported by the new President until he figures out it was Obama’s vision (because he hates Obama) and cancels the program.



If the Earth is spinning, why is gravity acceleration still 9.8 not reduced?

Earth’s spin isn’t really as fast as it sounds. Imagine a ball on a table that turns around once every 24 hours. You’d get bored waiting for it to spin around once and any object on the ball wouldn’t feel much centrifugal force.

Still, there is some difference in weight depending on where you’re standing on our planet. At the equator your weight is slightly less than at the poles, and this is measurable using a scale and a simple object, like a brick.


Glass half empty

My wife says I’m a glass half empty kinda guy while she prefers to see the glass half full.

To illustrate, someone recently asked me to answer to the question “What would our life be like after we move to a new planet?” to which I replied:

“Life would be alien in the sense that we cannot survive on another planet within reach (AKA our solar system) without never going out of doors and breathing the air. We’d be depressed because we’d never see the light of the sun and breathe the air.”

Although I’m convinced this is the correct view, my wife says I’m just like my father was – a pessimist. I admit to it proudly if not pessimistically.

Could space colonization become the main ideology of humanity?

When we completely destroy our planet’s environment then and only then space conization would become our “main ideology.”

Sadly, however, even space colonization leads to the same question – will we destroy the next planet just like this one?

We know the speed of light (Michelson-Morley). We know the speed of light in a vacuum is the speed limit of the universe. Then what is holding light back?

Light is held back by Einstein, simply put. He theorized that if light was a constant, no matter who observed it, going at any velocity whatsoever, then time and space are variables.

As it happens, Einstein theories have proven correct time and time again.