Star Trek and Pluto

It’s round. Big enough that it’s own gravity makes it a sphere rather than a lump of coal or a cube or some other oddly shaped object. If you were on the Star Trek Enterprise, went into orbit around this object and looked outside your view screen, this is what you’d see. You have arrived at the Planet Pluto.
Or have you?
Astronomers who “decided” Pluto wasn’t a planet but a dwarf planet, have not only disappointed generations of mankind, but were wrong.
They were wrong because a dwarf planet is still a planet, as much as a dwarf star is still a star. Indubitably.

Many people don’t know that our sun is a dwarf star. There are two kinds of dwarf stars: yellow dwarfs and the more common red dwarfs. Our sun is a yellow dwarf. Still a star, just a dwarf star. 

So just because our sun is a dwarf star doesn’t mean it’s not a star. Therefore just because Pluto is now labeled a dwarf planet orbiting around in the Kuiper Belt doesn’t mean Pluto no longer exists or that it’s s not a planet.
Another example:
Dwarf people are people. Black, white, Muslim, Hindu, Christian people. They’re all people. The operating word is the noun not the adjective. Dwarf is the adjective. Planet is the operating word. Pluto is a planet.
Proof positive. Q.E.D. Enough said. Point made. De facto verum. Just look outside at the object in the view screen. Gather the away team. We’re beaming down to the planet’s surface.

Is Evolution Fact or Fiction?

Some people believe God created the Earth 6,000 years ago and Adam and Eve along with it. They don’t accept the rather compelling, irrefutable evidence proving the Earth is about 4.543 billion years old. My father saw it. It bothered him so much he rejected religion and called himself an agnostic, which he defined as someone who wanted to believe but couldn’t. He believed in science.
But there are some problems scientifically figuring how aquatics crawled out of the water or how amino acids chemically evolved to produce DNA. All the pieces have not fallen in place. There are also some archeological anomalies here and there that seem to conflict with accepted time frames.
Nonetheless, evolution happened. Or so it appears rationally.
My dog offers pretty good evidence. Dogs evolved from wolves with human help. Even today people create different breeds of dog. Look how many varieties of dog breeds exist today. All descended from wolves due to human intervention and selective breeding. It’s what happens naturally over millions of years in the wild but accelerated in dogs because humans made the decisions rather than natural survival of the fittest.

How and Why he was Elected

Tony Posnanski (@tonyposnanski) is an avid tweeter, published author and successful American. This morning he had these things to say.
Trump never wanted the presidency.
He wanted to win the popular vote & be respected by the media.
He got neither.
@MorganL_2011 added to that.
It gave me a bit of joy to see that President Obama has 60 million more followers than Trump. I wonder if he knows…

It seems Mr. Trump doesn’t like to be second best at anything and his followers are okay with this quirk.
And I think Democrats and liberals are keen to focus on his too-many-to-count flaws but are missing the whole point about how and why he was elected and why very reasonable men and women of all ethnic backgrounds remain his strong supporters.
Unless we focus on understanding why people actually voted for this self aggrandizing alt-right character in the first place then the divide in the country will only increase.
Much to my surprise and dismay, President Trump’s political views exactly mirror what people all around here in Texas and middle America believe and think.
It’s not just that working class white people voted for Trump and others didn’t show up to vote. I know white, black, Hispanic, straight and gay people who voted for Trump, too. In fact, around here, most people of all walks of life.
I recently put this question to the test on my Facebook page: Do you believe that the Earth is 4.8 billion years old according to science, or 6000 years old according to the Bible?
Well, any rational person’s gonna answer that with the obvious, right? 4.8 billion years. There’s plenty of science to back that up. It’s not a theory anymore. It’s just a fact. But 95% of my coworkers here in Amarillo, Texas answered Bible.
It’s astonishing to me that people could believe the Earth is only 6000 years old, when even from a religious point of view there is no clear concensus. But they do. They don’t care about fossil records or GPS actually measuring the drift speed of continental drift. In some places ground is moving 5 centimeters a year. Or how they completely support fracking with no clue that gas and oil came from rotting ancient life millions of years ago. Yet that is the real America.
American people are religious if not ignorant, the two of which do not always go together but often do, and they like Trump.
As a liberal I like to delude myself that the tide is turning against Trump because of the things he said and has done since taking office, often contradicting himself, or just not accepting that he both lost the popular vote and had a smaller inauguration crowd than Obama. In reality however the divide is only widening and people on both sides are digging in. If the election were held again today, Trump would win.

Bottom Line: Science vs. Religion

Bottom line. Do you believe the Earth is 4.543 billion years old, or 6000 years old according to the Bible? Me: 4.543
That’s what’s behind it all. Taking any mention of climate control, LBGT rights and clean energy off the website, Christians first in immigration considerations (Muslims are bad), deciding for us what God wants. Screw science.
If you don’t favor science then my niece Felicity Boyd Enders suggests you read this.
This war has been going on for centuries. Click: Religion vs Science
The Earth is warming. We can do something about it. Fracking is very bad. Clean energy is better. What happens in the bedroom is none of your business. Separate church and state. Save social security and Medicare.