Have you ever seen an alien?

Every day, on TV. He’s in his 70’s and has blond hair. Just was elected recently.

No one has ever proven that even a microbe or a fossil of a microbe has ever come down to Earth from space. There is no evidence other than in Washington DC that there are any aliens within traveling distance.

Is it possible to prove that we are not aliens on Earth?

The answer is yes.

It’s already proven. The nearest possible candidate for life other than microbes is 40 light years away. Traveling at the fastest speed ever achieved it would take over 3000 years to reach that distance.

So that proves we are not aliens, we’ve never been visited by aliens, and we will never be able to visit other stars to know if there are aliens.

Is there any irrefutable footage of UFOs?

In other words, no, there is no irrefutable “footage” of UFOs. Hollywood has seen to that, and I can see to that not with Photoshop but with GIMP — being a Linux user.

“Overwhelming” is an interesting choice of words since my own mother-in-law claims to have seen one.

The nearest possible contenders would be 40 light years away. At our fastest speed ever achieved it would take us (and them) over three thousand years to go the distance. We are not being visited and they are not going to be visited.

Why do aliens always have to look and have similar biology to us?

Exactly! To date, no life has been found on any other planet or meteor. We would really like to find life elsewhere, and the most likely candidates within reach would be the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

Beyond that you have to go interstellar. Since it would take hundreds or even thousands of years to reach even the nearest stars at the fastest speed we’ve ever achieved in space, interstellar travel is unlikely now or in the future.

Put away Star Trek and Star Wars. Aliens are not visiting us and we are not going to visit them, whatever they may look like.

When do you think humanity will get to Mars and how?

I predict the first of mankind to go to Mars will be from China – a country already planning to build a moon base as a launching pad for Mars.

At this stage in human development, unmanned rovers and robots in space is a much better and safter alternative to manned missions, but China is China, so if they want to do it and have the resources, they will do it, like it or not.


If you were in a spacecraft traveling between galaxies, how would you measure your velocity?

Velocity is relative, as is everything in the universe. Relative to Earth? Relative to a nearby galaxy?

In space you are standing still. You are not moving at all.

If you see a galaxy over there you want to head toward, you apply some acceleration and over several million years it starts to get closer to you.

But your speed and your time to you always remains constant.

Which terrestrial planets, if terraformed, you’d like to visit or live? Is it Mercury, Venus, Moon, or Mars?

I’m going to suggest if we could terraform Earth to be a sustainable, livable planet, that would be the best use of our technology, since we’re already here. It would also prove we could do it elsewhere. Why go to Mars, Venus the Moon or Mercury when you could figure out how to take all the toxins and poisons out of our own air here on Earth?

Think about it.

You know why we don’t? Because we can’t. It’s all a scam.