How can you see the International Space Station at night with your naked eye from earth?

So you want to know how you can see the International Space station with your naked eye even when it’s dark on Earth?

Very easily, because up there the sun is still shining while you’re in the dark. Kind of like seeing the peak of a mountain in the sunlight while the valley has long ago become dark. The ISS does go dark too, but there’s a period when it’s dark where you are and light where it is.

Once I had a cat caught on the roof of my house. It was early evening and dark. I got a ladder and climbed up to the roof to rescue the cat when this mysterious, very bright light moved steadily, silently and perfectly straight across the sky. It was, of course, the ISS, which was at that time directly over my head. It was awesome.

Is there any real proof aliens exist?

None, as of yet. We suspect microbiology may exist on one of the moons in our solar system and that would be alien life.

As for intelligent, comprehending, space-faring beings, well, we don’t even have proof of alien microbes yet, so no.

Conversely, there is no proof aliens don’t exist either!


An Inside Tour of the International Space Station

A believer that Earth is flat once asked, “Why don’t the astronauts ever pan around with their camera so we can see the Earth is round?”

Just watch this video. There’s no question the earth is spherical and there’s no question this lady is weightless, or technically what we call microgravity, but just keep with weightless for now.

Why is SpaceX focusing on rockets and not on the space shuttle?

Why is SpaceX focusing on rockets and not on the space shuttle? Well, for one, the Space Shuttle was retired, so why would SpaceX focus on a non-existent program?

The Space Shuttle did a lot but was also the most deadly of all of NASA’s manned space flights. More people died on the Shuttles than at any other time before or since. Six people died when the Space Shuttle Challenger blew up shortly after launch, killing all aboard. Another six people died when the Space Shuttle Columbia burned up on reentry over Texas.

That is why President Obama wanted to retire the Shuttle program and concentrate on getting a human on Mars. This vision is still supported by the new President until he figures out it was Obama’s vision (because he hates Obama) and cancels the program.



Will space debris ever become so abundant that space flight will become economically or logistically impossible?

In 2007 China successfully destroyed one of their own aging polar-orbiting weather satellites just so they could prove they could. Debris from the destroyed satellite collided with Russia’s BLITS satellite in 2013, resulting in thousands of pieces of new space debris and is considered the most prolific and severe fragmentation in the course of five decades of space operations. Thanks China.

Now all we need is for North Korea to get their hands on that technology.

Still, space is a pretty big place and the pieces of junk are known and plotted so we can stay away from them, including little nuts and bolts travelling many times faster than a bullet.

Ever see the movie Gravity? Flaws in the science, but it was all about space junk taking out everything up there.