If the sun was 1% further than the total distance from us what would the temperature would be on Earth?

No change. Here in the northern hemisphere, the sun is closest during our winter and further away during our summer because of the elliptical nature of our orbit around the sun. It’s not the closeness to the sun that causes summer or winter, but the tilt of the earth. That tilt causes summer days to... Continue Reading →

What are the chances that the existence of intelligent alien life is acknowledged within the next decade?

A decade is only 10 years. It is highly unlikely that even microbial life of extraterrestrial origin will be identified by 2028. Our best chance of finding life comes from two realms. Within our own solar system on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, and from space from the SETI program (Search for extraterrestrial intelligence),... Continue Reading →

How “Goldilocks” is our orbit? Wouldn’t we still be fine if we were as far away from the Sun as Mars is?

Curiously, in the northern hemisphere our winter is when the sun is closest to the sun and our summer is when we are farthest from the sun. Winter and summer seem more about what angle the sun is rather than how close it is. That being said, Mars has no atmosphere or magnetosphere to speak of, while... Continue Reading →

What would happen to the earth if the sun disappeared?

If you mean the sun just went “poof” and vanished forever, that would mean Everyone Dies™. The whole solar system would just fall apart. The moon would still orbit Earth, but all the planets orbiting the sun, including Earth, would be flung into deep space and become rogue planets. Without light or heat from the sun,... Continue Reading →

How do satellites stay in space?

Let’s revisit Sir Isaac Newton’s cannon. In the above mentioned article we had placed a level on the cannon and shot the cannonball at 1440 feet per second parallel to the ground until it fell and bounced and rolled and came to a stop. We didn’t want to shoot it up in the air in a... Continue Reading →

GPS Block III on Hold

Since GPS achieved Fully Operational Capability on July 17, 1995, GPS has become an essential navigational tool for civilians and military alike. Keeping the system up-to-date has proved to be a problem. Originally the system was supposed to be up and running in February of 2016 but has been delayed at least until 2023. The latest... Continue Reading →

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