What planets are bigger than Earth?

The four gas giants are larger than Earth: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

Venus is slightly smaller, but very nearly the same size as Earth. Mercury and Mars are smaller than Earth.

So there are 4 planets larger than Earth in our solar system, and they are the four gas giants.solar_system_3

Are there other conscious-minded creatures on another planet or solar system?

Are there other conscious-minded creatures on another planet or solar system?

It is highly likely. Yes. Do we know for sure? No.

We have no proof as of date of any life outside our tiny little Earth. We don’t even have any evidence of past life from anywhere other place than Earth.

Will we ever know? We hope so. Our best chance is finding some microbes on Titan or some other moon in our solar system. That would be a huge revelation!cassini

Is it possible to make some kind of orbiting station inside Jupiter cloud layer?

In order for an orbit to be sustained it has to keep going around the planet, but if you put the orbit so low it slows down due to atmospheric drag, whether here on Earth or on Jupiter, the orbit will rapidly decay and the orbiting object will fall.

If you want to put something in orbit around Jupiter (or Earth) you’ve got to be basically above the atmosphere.

I say “basically” because in low Earth orbit there is still some atmosphere, though very, very thin. This does create drag and objects in low Earth orbit have a tendency to de-orbit and burn up. Same principles on Jupiter. Altitude is the key. The higher the better.

Furthermore, Jupiter has a huge problem – radiation. It’s ripping apart our Juno spacecraft and it will rip apart anything that gets too close to Jupiter.