The 3 Linux Distros I Use

I have a home-built computer. It wasn't purchased in any store. Rather, we bought a tower, and with a little help from my then-son-in-law, installed a motherboard, power supply, etc. We also installed 3 hard drives. I certainly don't need 3 hard drives. It turns out I'm only using a fraction of the space on... Continue Reading →

Wordpress: The Gutenberg Editor Problem

WordPress users are soon going to be forced to use this thing called "Gutenberg Editor" (what kind of name is that?) to make entries on our blogs and news sites. Some people are complaining that this represents a learning curve that not all are comfortable confronting. The first problem I confronted using the Getenberg Editor... Continue Reading →

GPS Block III on Hold

Since GPS achieved Fully Operational Capability on July 17, 1995, GPS has become an essential navigational tool for civilians and military alike. Keeping the system up-to-date has proved to be a problem. Originally the system was supposed to be up and running in February of 2016 but has been delayed at least until 2023. The latest... Continue Reading →

Yahoo is dead

Sad, really. Yahoo is dead. I met my wife in a Yahoo chat room. Yahoo chat rooms no longer exist. It used to be a huge company. Advertised on TV. "Yahoooooo!" Big deal on the stock market. No more. No more chat rooms either. It's a gonner. Email only, and then if you're foolish enough... Continue Reading →

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