GPS Block III on Hold

Since GPS achieved Fully Operational Capability on July 17, 1995, GPS has become an essential navigational tool for civilians and military alike. Keeping the system up-to-date has proved to be a problem. Originally the system was supposed to be up and running in February of 2016 but has been delayed at least until 2023. The latest... Continue Reading →

Yahoo is dead

Sad, really. Yahoo is dead. I met my wife in a Yahoo chat room. Yahoo chat rooms no longer exist. It used to be a huge company. Advertised on TV. "Yahoooooo!" Big deal on the stock market. No more. No more chat rooms either. It's a gonner. Email only, and then if you're foolish enough... Continue Reading →

Why is it that questions about a given Linux distro are so numerous? You can do anything equally regardless of distro.

Although all Linux distros are built upon the same core, some versions do better than others for certain tasks. For example, my wife and I have separate computers. She likes to run Runescape on hers. To date, I’ve only found Ubuntu to be able to handle Runescape graphics. (Probably Linux Mint also.) I like to... Continue Reading →

If Earth’s rotation speed changed, what would happen?

Earth’s rotational speed is changing. What happens, over time, is the ocean sloshes around and there’s big Earthquakes. These actually affect how long days are. Once upon a time days used to be much shorter on Earth. A billion years ago a day was about 23 hours long. People had to wear special watches that went faster.... Continue Reading →

Spaceships and Hollywood

Spoiler alert - in the future there never will be artificial gravity - astronauts won't be able to walk around in spaceships. In the movies most spaceships like the Starship Enterprise employ a convenient technology they call "artificial gravity" to overcome this weightlessness problem. In a few movies they even rotate parts of the ship,... Continue Reading →

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