Google Pixel 2 XL and dictating this article

I have tried, at various times, dictating articles on my blog with my phone. I have had marginal success in the past.
Let it be said that I’m not using an iPhone. I am strictly an Android phone type of person. Why? Because Android is a version of Linux and I am a Linux person at heart. My computer at home runs Fedora Linux exclusively.
My previous phone was a Samsung Galaxy 6. You can see an article I wrote by dictation using that phone here.
Now, this time around, I decided, and I think wisely, to go with a Google pixel phone. Why? Because if I want to use Google Android assistant to dictate articles then I might as well use Google’s phone which most closely integrates all of Google’s software and Concepts.
Guess what? I have not been disappointed! Google has not sponsored this article but I will tell you that I am really happy with my new Google pixel 2 XL phone even though the Pixel 3 is coming out soon.
Previously I had to dictate into Google Docs and then transfer it somehow to my blog. That was cumbersome and awkward. Those days are gone! Technology has marched on! Now I can dictate directly into my WordPress app to post to my blog via dictation.
The dictation is fairly accurate, too. Naturally you have to keep an eye on it because sometimes it makes stupid mistakes, but it’s much better than it was before and for me makes it very easy to post to my blog.
I’m a touch typist. I don’t have to look at the keyboard when I type but rather I look at the screen. I can type almost as fast as I think. Still, however, I am finding that as long as dictation is fairly accurate that this is a very efficient way to go!
And there is your update on dictation! Oh, by the way, this entire article was written by dictating into my Pixel 2XL phone.

How does Google know about slow moving street traffic in real time?

This is a great question! I wondered about it myself.

It turns out that every time you have GPS turned on using an Android device, Google can detect how fast you’re moving. If a lot of devices indicate that traffic is moving slowly in a particular area then the conclusion is there is a traffic problem.

This information is shared to other Android users using GPS by indicating that traffic is slow in particular areas.

Why is it that questions about a given Linux distro are so numerous? You can do anything equally regardless of distro.

Although all Linux distros are built upon the same core, some versions do better than others for certain tasks.

For example, my wife and I have separate computers. She likes to run Runescape on hers. To date, I’ve only found Ubuntu to be able to handle Runescape graphics. (Probably Linux Mint also.)

I like to watch Netflix and Amazon videos. There are a lot of distros that support that, but not all. I am presently running the KDE flare of Fedora 28 on my machine, and this suits my needs perfectly.

Now, if you like to fiddle and have a basic understanding of how software compliments other software, you could probably get any version of Linux to do what any other version of Linux does, regardless of distro (as you point out). But I see it as easier just to pick a distro that suits your purposes best, install that and run with it.

What nobody is telling you about the cyberattack

By Wayne Boyd May 14, 2017: There are many aspects to this ransomware attack that have yet to be mentioned.
All of the systems attacked, it seems, are running older, unpatched, sometimes even illegally cloned versions of Microsoft Windows. The cyber attackers are using ransomware that exploits these older versions of Windows. Essentially they tell their victims that if they don’t pay their files will be deleted. If their system had been updated, then the attack would not have been successful. Everybody knows this.
Issue number one:

  • Microsoft demanded money for an upgrade.
  • When people didn’t pay up, cyber terrorists demanded money through ransomware.
  • Microsoft did not orchestrate the attack, but essentially they did demand money for already functioning operating systems. People were sandwiched between two parties, both demanding money to keep their system safe.
  • Microsoft did, after the fact, cave and provide upgrades for free.

Issue number two:

  • There are alternate secure operating systems that do not cost money to purchase, install and keep upgraded.
  • Save money, drop Windows, install Linux, run your hospital, package delivery company or government on open-source software.

Issue number three:

  • Bitcoins. The alternative currency. It’s legal. It is so secure, in fact, that the cyber attackers are demanding they be paid in Bitcoins. This is the currency of the future. I read in an article that Bitcoins was a form of cyber currency used by criminals. Well, guess what? Criminals use paper money too, and non-criminals use Bitcoins too..

The best computer program

It’s the greatest program.
It’s free, and it’s available for Windows and Mac. Oh. And Linux. Oh. And Unix. Oh. And BSD which you may not have ever heard of, but there you have it. TrueOS, Linux, Windows 10, Mac computers whatever they call their OS. You can find it. It’s free. You can download it. It’s free. It doesn’t cost you anything, nobody’s making money because. It’s free.
Microsoft and Adobe don’t want you to know about the program that makes Photoshop obsolete.
The program is called “GIMP”
Notice I didn’t put a period there. Not sure if I should or not. Notice, finally, “GIMP” is all in capital letters. That was on purpose.
GIMP, or the GNU Image Manipulation Program, is the greatest computer program unless you’re into sound and video editing, in which case there are other great programs.
I will not bother to tell you what GNU means because that will make you not want to know and it’s recursive and really cancels itself out with it’s own name. Okay. I give in. It’s pronounced “Gah nu is not Unix.”
There. Got it out of my system.
It’s originally a “not Unix.” So here we have “GIMP” which translates as “Gah nu is not Unix Image Manipulation Program.”
Just call it GIMP and get over it. It’s a great program. You can go to Barnes and Noble and buy a huge fat book how to use this computer program. I did that until I figured out an essential truth. GIMP is NOT PHOTOSHOP. It can do everything you can do in Photoshop, but it’s not Photoshop so you have to do it in a different way. A completely different way. GIMP really means Gnu Image Manipulation (is not) Photoshop.

New Google Earth launches with incredible new 3D views of our world at the click of a button


Tech giant reveals stunning update that allows users to soar past towering skyscrapers and mountains in stunning accuracy

GOOGLE has launched an update to Earth that allows users to see the world’s greatest wonders in all their glory.

Tech wizardry means that armchair travelers can see towering skyscrapers, tourist hotspots and treacherous mountains all in stunning 3D.
And your view is fully changeable, with every picture able to turn on a 360-degree axis.
The planet’s major cities and landmarks are all covered, meaning you can swoop through the streets, dodging, trees, cars, cranes and buildings that are all rendered with astonishing accuracy.
But one such landmark that isn’t covered is the White House, leading to speculation that security fears may have held back the project.
But top sights like the Shard in London, Mount Everest, the Colosseum and the Eiffel Tower can all be appreciated in outstanding detail.


Once in awhile on this blog I talk about Linux because as some of you know it is the operating system on my desktop computer.
What most of us do most of the time on our computers involves the Internet, so what operating system is under the hood of your computer doesn’t matter a lot. If you run Windows 10 on your computer, you’re probably surfing the Web with Internet Explorer, or maybe Firefox or Chrome Browser from Google.
Now I’m here to tell you about a really cool browser which may be the best one I have ever used across any platform. It Runs on Windows, Mac and Linux, so it’s cross platform and it’s free. It’s called Vivaldi. For downloading and trying it out you even get a free email address.
You can do interesting stuff with this browser that I haven’t seen anywhere else. You can take your browser tabs at the top and merge them. Then you can open the merged tab and get more than one web page on your screen side by side. As I write this on the left side of my screen, I have loaded on the right, and it’s all in the same browser window.
There’s a lot of other neat stuff which you can see here:

Is a smartphone good? What are the bad sides of using it?

Define “good” or “bad.”

Smartphones are useful if you use the technology built into them. Most you can talk to and they talk back.

If I say to my phone “What time is it?” it speaks the answer.

If ask my phone verbally if it’s going to rain today, it tells me.

They’re useful for navigation, they’re useful in telling you how many steps and/or miles you walked today, they do make and receive phone calls too, and they do a lot of other stuff.

However, like anything else, do it in moderation. Don’t give up human interaction.


Would it be possible for Linux to take over Windows and Mac Os, if alphaGo learned to program for Linux?

I very much doubt alphaGo would have any noticeable influence on the Linux scene at all.

Although Linux is superior to Microsoft Windows, Mac OS already uses a Unix-like OS under the hood, much like Linux.

It is unlikely that Linux will “take over” Windows and Mac OS, but Linux is already taking over the IoT with your smart phone, modem, router, intelligent automobile, the servers that serve us the Internet and the company that serves you television, mostly all run Linux right now.

I’ve been exclusively using Linux as my desktop OS for 17 years now and would never go back to MS Windows which is prone to virus attacks because people have to download software from unsafe places – something that does not happen in Linux.

In Linux you get softare from the Linux repositories, which is safe and secure. You don’t go to a website created and hosted by who knows who and download software for your computer.

When in orbit, astronauts experience weightlessness. What is this caused by?

Astronauts are not weightless. They experience microgravity.

As close to the earth that they are, gravity is a huge factor. You couldn’t, for example, step outside and just float away into space.

The reason it seems to be weightlessness is that the ISS and the astronauts inside are all falling at the same speed. The forward movement causes and angular movement away from the earth and the gravity pulls downward. This balances out in a wonderful phenomena we called an orbit.

An orbit really is like shooting a cannonball so fast that as it falls to the ground, the ground curves away underneath it to the point it never hits the earth but just goes around perpetually.

For this reason, the space shuttle is falling. It’s also going forward very fast and as it falls goes around the curvature of the earth and just goes round and round, along with the people and things inside it. They all are falling at the same rate, giving the impression of weightlessness.

That’s why it’s called microgravity and not weightlessness.