Do you believe NASA when they state that they destroyed the technology to return to the moon?

NASA never said anything like that. What did happen was that when the Apollo program was shut down, the building that the Apollo’s were built in was retooled for newer technology. In the process, some parts were thrown away because they were outdated and better stuff was available. The reason we stopped going to the... Continue Reading →

Yahoo is dead

Sad, really. Yahoo is dead. I met my wife in a Yahoo chat room. Yahoo chat rooms no longer exist. It used to be a huge company. Advertised on TV. "Yahoooooo!" Big deal on the stock market. No more. No more chat rooms either. It's a gonner. Email only, and then if you're foolish enough... Continue Reading →

The Free & Open Source Image Editor

The header logo I use on this site was created by me with the help of a program called GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) which is free to download and use. The creators call it "a free and open source image editor." It's all I use. The GIMP was originally designed for Linux but nowadays... Continue Reading →

What is the purpose of SteamOS (based on Linux), as there are almost no good games designed for Linux?

If you are seriously interested in gaming, then I who have been using Linux only as my OS for twenty years, recommend you to buy an Xbox or PlayStation. SteamOS allows many games written for Windows to run on Linux. The point is that real Linux people don’t run anything exclusively for Windows. Why? Because we... Continue Reading →

Magic Card trick attempt #2

In the first example, you saw how a card was magically removed from a group of cards. Let's try that again. Here is another group of cards. Mentally pick one card but DO NOT CLICK on the card. Clicking does NO good. Just carefully memorize the card you have chosen! Say the name of the... Continue Reading →

Linux Software: the GIMP

Although it started as a Linux program, you can now download the opensource program GIMP for Windows and Mac. While experimenting with the GIMP (I'm an old hat with it - I love it) I created the image below. I'm thinking of using it (with altered writing on the blackboard, for my articles about Linux... Continue Reading →

What technology do you wish was never invented?

Technology is a product of the industrial revolution and is inevitable with civilization. Once people move from individualism to collective engineering we get into things like the invention of the railway and eventually the cell phone. It’s evolution. Whether this means we will eventually destroy ourselves and make Earth into a Venus like planet with... Continue Reading →

What nobody is telling you about the cyberattack

By Wayne Boyd May 14, 2017: There are many aspects to this ransomware attack that have yet to be mentioned. All of the systems attacked, it seems, are running older, unpatched, sometimes even illegally cloned versions of Microsoft Windows. The cyber attackers are using ransomware that exploits these older versions of Windows. Essentially they tell... Continue Reading →

New Google Earth launches with incredible new 3D views of our world at the click of a button

THE WHOLE WORLD IN YOUR HANDS Tech giant reveals stunning update that allows users to soar past towering skyscrapers and mountains in stunning accuracy By Neal Baker GOOGLE has launched an update to Earth that allows users to see the world’s greatest wonders in all their glory. Tech wizardry means that armchair travelers can see... Continue Reading →

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