What is the purpose of SteamOS (based on Linux), as there are almost no good games designed for Linux?

If you are seriously interested in gaming, then I who have been using Linux only as my OS for twenty years, recommend you to buy an Xbox or PlayStation.

SteamOS allows many games written for Windows to run on Linux.

The point is that real Linux people don’t run anything exclusively for Windows. Why? Because we don’t believe in it. It’s an ethical issue.

We have a free operating system that we can download and reinstall on as many computers as we want for no money – legally by the way. We have free software that is as good as or in most cases better than Windows programs. Like GIMP – replaces Adobe Photoshop. Kdenlive – replaces video editing programs. BLENDER – which is used by Disney and Pixel to make animated movies. LIBREOFFICE – replaces entirely Windows Office.

It’s not that we migrate to Linux and then try to find a way to run Windows programs over here. It’s that we migrate to Windows and never look back. I have no software made by Microsoft or for iOS and Windows machines on my computer.

And you know what? I’m writing to you. Presently, I’m using Fedora KDE (my version usually changes 2 or 3 times a year).

I have no virus protection software – I pay no money for that ’cause we Linux people don’t need it. I’m saving a bunch of money.

Magic Card trick attempt #2

In the first example, you saw how a card was magically removed from a group of cards. Let’s try that again.

Here is another group of cards. Mentally pick one card but DO NOT CLICK on the card. Clicking does NO good. Just carefully memorize the card you have chosen!


Say the name of the card ALOUD several times. When you are ready then prepare to have your mind blown!


Linux Software: the GIMP

Although it started as a Linux program, you can now download the opensource program GIMP for Windows and Mac.

While experimenting with the GIMP (I’m an old hat with it – I love it) I created the image below. I’m thinking of using it (with altered writing on the blackboard, for my articles about Linux in the future!)


What technology do you wish was never invented?

Technology is a product of the industrial revolution and is inevitable with civilization. Once people move from individualism to collective engineering we get into things like the invention of the railway and eventually the cell phone. It’s evolution.

Whether this means we will eventually destroy ourselves and make Earth into a Venus like planet with temperatures of 250 degrees and sulfuric acid rain is yet to be determined.

What nobody is telling you about the cyberattack

By Wayne Boyd May 14, 2017: There are many aspects to this ransomware attack that have yet to be mentioned.

All of the systems attacked, it seems, are running older, unpatched, sometimes even illegally cloned versions of Microsoft Windows. The cyber attackers are using ransomware that exploits these older versions of Windows. Essentially they tell their victims that if they don’t pay their files will be deleted. If their system had been updated, then the attack would not have been successful. Everybody knows this.

Issue number one:

  • Microsoft demanded money for an upgrade.
  • When people didn’t pay up, cyber terrorists demanded money through ransomware.
  • Microsoft did not orchestrate the attack, but essentially they did demand money for already functioning operating systems. People were sandwiched between two parties, both demanding money to keep their system safe.
  • Microsoft did, after the fact, cave and provide upgrades for free.

Issue number two:

  • There are alternate secure operating systems that do not cost money to purchase, install and keep upgraded.
  • Save money, drop Windows, install Linux, run your hospital, package delivery company or government on open-source software.

Issue number three:

  • Bitcoins. The alternative currency. It’s legal. It is so secure, in fact, that the cyber attackers are demanding they be paid in Bitcoins. This is the currency of the future. I read in an article that Bitcoins was a form of cyber currency used by criminals. Well, guess what? Criminals use paper money too, and non-criminals use Bitcoins too..

New Google Earth launches with incredible new 3D views of our world at the click of a button


Tech giant reveals stunning update that allows users to soar past towering skyscrapers and mountains in stunning accuracy

GOOGLE has launched an update to Earth that allows users to see the world’s greatest wonders in all their glory.

Tech wizardry means that armchair travelers can see towering skyscrapers, tourist hotspots and treacherous mountains all in stunning 3D.

And your view is fully changeable, with every picture able to turn on a 360-degree axis.

The planet’s major cities and landmarks are all covered, meaning you can swoop through the streets, dodging, trees, cars, cranes and buildings that are all rendered with astonishing accuracy.

But one such landmark that isn’t covered is the White House, leading to speculation that security fears may have held back the project.

But top sights like the Shard in London, Mount Everest, the Colosseum and the Eiffel Tower can all be appreciated in outstanding detail.

The Future Yet to Be

What was envisioned didn’t happen and what wasn’t envisioned happened instead – and it was better.

We humans are a hopeful bunch, the civilized ones among us.

We dream of a wondrous future and stop not to realize we have now what wasn’t predicted at all.

Here is a list of items I see for the near future. You may be surprised or may even disagree, but these are very realistic expectations.

  • Do not expect we’ll terraform Mars and establish settlements there. Do expect more orbiters and robotic machines and equipment in space to discover more about who we are and where we came from.

  • Do not expect AI to lead us to self aware thinking machines. Do expect amazing advancements in tech we cannot presently imagine.

  • Do not expect intelligent alien life to be discovered or that ancient aliens once visited Earth. Do expect an ongoing search for evidence life may have evolved elsewhere.

  • Do not expect conspiracy theories to go away. Do expect science to advance our understanding of the universe around us.