India and China

They call the place Asia, but it's a pretty big place and no significant geographical separation from Europe, and therefore we have a Euro-Asian continent. What really separates Asia from Europe is culture and people. Now, let's talk about the Himalayan Mountains that span 7 countries and separate India from China. Both are part of... Continue Reading →

Why are you living your life?

Why are any of us living our lives? As for me... Well, I was born, so I gotta live, right? Life is exciting. Lots of things to learn, to see, smell, hear, touch, lots of places to go, people to meet, philosophies to study, books to read, Avenger movies to go to, Facebook and Twitter feeds... Continue Reading →

If you were to purchase a brand new car today (in 2018) and money were no object, what optional or standard features would be important or useful to you?

I'd go with an all electric vehicle that could go over 300 miles with a charge, charge quickly, has Bluetooth to connect to my phone when I'm driving, an airbag that won't kill me if I crash, tinted windows, heated seats and steering wheel, power seats, separate temperature control for driver and passengers, and finally,... Continue Reading →

Self Driving Cars

"Are our social and legal structures ready to deal with self-driving cars? Or to put it another way — are we ready?" - asks the Los Angeles Times. Here's the rational way to think about this. Self-driving cars are the safest way to go on the road, just as flying is the safest way to... Continue Reading →

Monkeys are not friends

Here is a story posted today on the UK's Daily. The story is also carried in multiple news outlets. I'll have a commentary below. A newborn baby has been found drowned in a well after allegedly being snatched away by a monkey in eastern India. The infant was sleeping under a mosquito net at his... Continue Reading →

If you dug a deep tunnel or were somehow stuck in an impervious container in the exact center of the Earth would gravity pull you one way, but then pull you back the other way?

Well, you already know it’s pretty hot down there so you couldn’t do it, but if you could because your container was impervious, and you were suspended right in the middle, you’d be weightless. Now a lot of Quora people are going to tell you all kinds of interesting things like how hot it is,... Continue Reading →

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