How Far Can we Drill into the North Pole?

You do realize that there is no solid land over the North Pole, right? There’s ice floating on the ocean, and the ice sheet moves around as it floats. Underneath the ice there is the ocean.

Therefore, to drill into the North Pole you could just drill a hole through the ice until you hit water, or go to the bottom of the ocean and start drilling on the ocean floor.

There’s no specific reason to do so, however, and doing so would be pretty fruitless.

The North Pole has been reached by walking, by ice-breaker ship and by airplane. In the image below, a woman traveling on the Russian nuclear icebreaker Yamal holds a sign marking the North Pole, however, because the ice drifts, the sign also drifted away from the pole.

Sadly, there’s no Santa at the North Pole.

What are some little known facts about Amarillo, TX?

We have the second largest canyon in the USA, just south of here – the Palo Duro Canyon. We have a lot of very fine restaurants. The international airport terminal is small and easy to navigate. The airport, Rick Husband International Airport, was named after Rick Husband, who died in the shuttle descending back to Earth. He was the captain of the crew. There’s the famous Cadillac Ranch! It’s windier in Amarillo on average than it is in Chicago.

Skinny Dipping in the Adirondacks

When I was a young boy we used to go hiking in the Adirondacks. My father would sling an ax over his shoulder and my mother and her three boys would set out on an adventure in the mountains.

We would come across leantoos. This is basically a wooden shack with a roof and one side open to the elements. It was shelter provided by the park service. We’d set up camp and spend the night.

Leantoo in the Adirondack Mountains, New York State.
Typical leantoo in the Adirondack Mountains.

I was the youngest of three boys and although these were really cool adventures, my brothers were 8 and 10 years older than me, so I used to complain a lot about all the walking.

Some of the places we visited had water falls and pools of deep, cold and fresh water. Because nobody thought to bring bathing suits, they went skinny dipping.

Now, don’t try. They’re watching from the sky.

Specialized spy satellites that can photograph things as small as a fist are flying above us. I can even see the junk in my backyard by searching Google Earth, and word is the governments have even better satellites flying at over 17,000 mph about 200 miles above.

India and China

They call the place Asia, but it’s a pretty big place and no significant geographical separation from Europe, and therefore we have a Euro-Asian continent. What really separates Asia from Europe is culture and people.
Now, let’s talk about the Himalayan Mountains that span 7 countries and separate India from China. Both are part of Asia, but both are completely different worlds. China invaded India once and there is still some disputed land between the two countries, but those mountains, biggest mountains in the world, separate the two countries into completely different people and cultures. Oriental Asians, including China, have the famous “slanted-eyes” while natives of India do not.
The mountains are a big deal. Head up into them and you’ll see a gradual transition of the local people from India to Oriental.

How many main longitudes are there in the earth?

The answer is infinite. It’s like asking how many pieces can slice out of a pie. Or like asking if I take a pie and eat half of what’s there each day, will I ever finish the pie?
Longitude merely slices the planet into vertical pieces. You can have an infinite number of those slices. Principally, any sphere or circle has 360 degrees. Each degree is a longitude, and any slice thereof. If fact, wherever you stand on Earth is a longitude, and you can look it up with certain apps on your smart phone.
But in terms of whole numbers, a circle has 360 degrees. Each degree has 60 minutes. Kinda like a big clock.

Why are you living your life?

Why are any of us living our lives?
As for me… Well, I was born, so I gotta live, right? Life is exciting. Lots of things to learn, to see, smell, hear, touch, lots of places to go, people to meet, philosophies to study, books to read, Avenger movies to go to, Facebook and Twitter feeds to follow, Quora to check out. Sometimes life is boring, too, but no matter what, time marches on. One day I was a teenage boy with beautiful brown hair and now I’m a senior citizen with beautiful white hair. I had a lot of adventures in between, but it sure seems to have gone by quickly now that I’m here. In any case, I was born – I didn’t choose to be born – but while I’m here I’m having a good ride.

If you were to purchase a brand new car today (in 2018) and money were no object, what optional or standard features would be important or useful to you?

I’d go with an all electric vehicle that could go over 300 miles with a charge, charge quickly, has Bluetooth to connect to my phone when I’m driving, an airbag that won’t kill me if I crash, tinted windows, heated seats and steering wheel, power seats, separate temperature control for driver and passengers, and finally, a sunroof.

Self Driving Cars

“Are our social and legal structures ready to deal with self-driving cars? Or to put it another way — are we ready?” – asks the Los Angeles Times.
Here’s the rational way to think about this. Self-driving cars are the safest way to go on the road, just as flying is the safest way to travel period. There have been crashes and deaths with airplanes but we don’t ban the planes. Statistically, self-driving cars are the safest vehicles on the road by far. So why ban them?
But who do you blame if someone is killed?
That’s the problem.
In aerospace, the blame is studied. Was it pilot error, mechanical error, air traffic controller error, birds or what? Then suggestions, findings and corrections are made to make it better.
Self-driving cars should have the same rules, except here there’s no “driver” error. You must consider “software error,” other person error, other driver error, other circumstances, and so on. Then suggest findings and corrections can be made to make it better.
Should we really scrap the safest travel on the road because of a fatality?
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