How could it change the science of an alien civilization with the science we have developed?

How would an alien civilization change if they met us? It would forever change both their and our civilizations much as the recently discovered Brazilian tribe pictured below will be forever changed by modern mankind, which they didn’t even know existed until fairly recently. The photo is an aerial shot. No one has met these people yet.

What is the most beautiful thing on the planet?

Wow. This is a very beautiful place we call Earth.

You’re going to get a lot of interesting answers to this one.

However, in my mind, after having traveled to 37 countries on five continents during my life, your question brought one thing to my mind: Lake Louise in the Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada. It’s about the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen. It’s glacier fed, which makes the water such an incredible aqua color.

Lake LouiseAlbertaCanada