Google Pixel 2XL vs 3XL

I dropped my phone one too many times, I guess. My Pixel 2XL started behaving badly. It would suddenly turn off (not shut down, just power off instantly).

Now perhaps I could have researched repair options, but my wife’s iPhone was up for renew and she didn’t want a new iPhone, so I took advantage and used her upgrade to go from a Pixel 2XL 65 GB to a Pixel 3XL 120 GB.

I now have the phone operating and in hand.

It’s better!

Why I was Screwed By Walmart Grocery

I was denied a week worth’s of food by Walmart Grocery and Walmart Corporate.

On August 17, 2019 (Saturday), my wife placed an online order at Walmart Grocery for some much needed items. Some of the items she ordered were not available at the local Walmart store and so she ordered them from a Walmart across town on Coulter

Our Little Ball

Sitting here on our little ball, a tiny speck around we go. Orbiting the sun is falling to, missing it and around we sail.

Still we sit, never gone far. Looking out at all the stars. Figured much about all that’s there. Smart peeps we seem to be.

We look to see if there are others. Haven’t found anything but still we hope. Not a fossil of a microbe has been found. Is that’s all there is? We really hope not.

Will our military save us from alien invasions?

Definitely not. They will be completely incapable.

Knowledge of the speed of light, however, will save you.

Light speed cannot be exceeded in a vacuum no matter what. In fact, for aliens and Earthlings alike it would take thousands of years just to travel to our nearest star system. To travel from distant stars to ours would take thousands or millions of years, as it would take us to travel to them.

Fortunately, there will be no alien invasions. In fact, we may or may not know of any alien civilizations out there. So far we have discovered none.

Which Linux Distro is Best?

Archlinux is best, but difficult. It’s what I run.

I didn’t install it with the Arch Wiki. I used YouTube videos. It worked, and I’m inside Arch writing this article. I’ve been using Arch for awhile now. I like it.

I’ve used ’em all. Mint, Antergos, Manjaro, Ubuntu (all the flavors), Zorin, everything else you can read about on I first started before the turn of the century in the late 1990’s.

Eventually, I managed to install Archlinux by watching YouTube videos on my phone, and that’s what I’ve been using for the last year and a half.

The next step would be Linux from Scratch, which I don’t think I’m interested in trying. It definitely should not be tried by someone who is not thoroughly advanced in Linux.

If you don’t know Linux, or don’t like command line interfaces, then the recommended Linux Distro would be – I just hate to say this – Ubuntu or Manjaro.

Just my opinion.

What do you think would happen if the entire internet would just suddenly resets itself and all the data vanishes?

When I was born, and when I grew up, there was no Internet at all. We had cars, and even (eventually) color TV. We had landlines, albeit party lines (you had to share your phone number with an unknown partner).

We sent a man to the moon.

It would be idyllic if shutting down the Internet would just revert to the good ol’ days.

Unfortunately, that would not be the case. Now days we’ve become so dependent on the Internet in so many ways, shutting it down would be catastrophic and lead to a total financial and political collapse.