What are the best tools to use to conceive of a fictional world?

By Earl Wajenberg, worker at SiemensExtrapolation and the stew-pot. Use extrapolation to take some real fact or situation, or someone else’s fiction, and extend it in some direction until it looks interestingly different. This is how a lot of science fiction works. Even more important is the stew-pot. The stew-pot is the vast and randomized... Continue Reading →

Wordpress: The Gutenberg Editor Problem

WordPress users are soon going to be forced to use this thing called "Gutenberg Editor" (what kind of name is that?) to make entries on our blogs and news sites. Some people are complaining that this represents a learning curve that not all are comfortable confronting. The first problem I confronted using the Getenberg Editor... Continue Reading →

Young Sean Wellington

Here is a short story in progress that I am writing as I post. If I have sufficient interest, I will continue to post additional material. Chapter 1, Part 1 As young Sean Wellington sat on the end of the pier, legs dangling over the edge, a long tentacle emerged from the sea and wrapped... Continue Reading →

Draft Excerpt from “The Trench”

A writing project I'm fiddling with, is called The Trench. Here is an excerpt from the beginning of the proposed novel. Madman Elkayim had a graying mustache and bushy eyebrows, oily black and wavy hair with strands of white, and a bulbous nose. He stood 5 feet, 8 inches, or more precisely 172.70 centimeters, just... Continue Reading →

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