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A very good web site you should know about if you’re interested in Linux is Distro Watch, which you should visit regularly. In fact, if you go to Distro Watch then you can see for yourself where to download all kinds of Linux versions (distros).

If you have to ask how to download Kali Linux, then I suggest you shouldn’t start with that version of Linux because it is too advanced for you. Go with something like Linux Mint to start with.

Kali Linux can be found here. It is not a very popular version of Linux. 15th down on the list. The most popular version of Linux as of writing is Manjaro Linux, as you can see from the list on Distro Watch.

All versions of Linux, when downloaded, will give you a filename with .ISO as the extension name. Burn that to a DVD image, put the DVD in your drive, and reboot your computer and follow the onscreen instructions.

Be aware that if you don’t know what you’re doing you will wreck your computer for good.

On the other hand, I’ve been using Linux for over 20 years (since 1998) as my only operating system. I presently run a mainstream version known as Fedora.