By Jean Eikmeier-Boyd (Shelly Boyd)
When I was 18 looks were literally everything. I wouldn’t think twice about a guy that wasn’t drop dead gorgeous. I was very superficial.
Now that I am older .. have had 4 children and now have 7 grandchildren, I can see how my thoughts and values have changed. Now the very last thing I look at is a persons appearance and I am so much happier and have a wide variety of friends.
I won’t tell you about how its what’s inside that counts. That is a crap answer. What I will tell you is that it does get better! And no it won’t take till you are my age for that to happen 😛
For now I would suggest concentrating on education. Without a good education you will not get very far in life. The looks honestly are the least important thing right now. I will let you in on a little secret …. those that are “great looking” right now, have no place to go but downhill .. and believe me the majority will. Those that “aren’t so great” have nowhere to go but up .. to improve with time .. like a fine wine.
Be patient. You are still young in terms of your lifetime.