Somewhere a distant star went supernova and we haven’t seen it yet because the light has yet to reach Earth.
The question is: does “now” happen instantly but we won’t know it until light and energy arrive at the speed of light, or does “now” also travel at the speed of light, implying it happens when we see it?
How fast is “now?”
Is it like that age-old question if a tree falls in a forest and nobody’s there to hear it, does it make any sound?
So does “now” travel at the speed of light or is it instant?
The question can be rephrased. Does time travel at the speed of light?
The answer isn’t simple and to address it would require us to delve into Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. Let it suffice to say that time and space are intertwined and Einstein called it spacetime.
Why bother? A star a long way off goes supernova. It takes years for the light to reach us. When it does reach us we look in telescopes and say “ooo, ahhh” and try to discern something that benefits our understanding of the universe.
Good enough for me.