There’s an app. Pretty good one, in fact. It’s on Android. Might be available for iOS but don’t know for sure. MyNetDiary.
This is a wonderful app. Whenever I use it I lose weight. You put in your weight, then your target weight, your height, your activity level, take a “before picture” and it tells you how long it will take you to reach your target weight. You then have to “log” everything you put in your mouth – which is really easy because this app has a huge database – and keep within the calorie-per-day calculated by the app, and you lose weight.
It’s that simple. When I started in mid-April I was really kind of heavy – 266 pounds. Now I weigh 255 pounds. I’ve lost 11 pounds. Now I know it won’t be that much every month, just starting out, but that’s what it is. And you know what? I feel completely stuffed. I’m full. The app says I can reach 180 pounds by March, 2019. Let’s hope I keep it up this time.