We don’t know if life developed anywhere else, but since there’s more than one intelligent species on this one planet alone it seems plausible intelligent life might exist elsewhere.

What is your definition of intelligent life? Are whales, with their complex languages, emotions, and traditions, an intelligent species? Or is a gorilla who can use sign language with a human to communicate thoughts and ideas intelligent? What about human cavemen a 100,000 years ago with no technology whatsoever? Were they intelligent?

With all of these candidates for intelligent life on our own planet, if single celled organisms developed on an exoplanet, given enough time and ideal conditions, various stages of multicellular animals up to and including intelligent life might also develop there.

But as of right now, at this moment, we don’t know if there’s any life, even single celled germs, living or ever have lived on another body in the universe other than Earth. We are hoping with the new Perseverance Rover on Mars, which cost 2.9 billion dollars, to find trances of chemicals that might tell us single celled organisms once lived on Mars.

Right now we have no proof life has evolved anywhere else in the galaxy or universe other than here. It is plausible that life, even intelligent life, might exist somewhere in the universe other than here but we have no evidence that it does.