by Wayne Boyd
I met Larry while on the job.
    Kindheartedness did slow him not.
His wife had found a real heart throb.
    A nice man he would do a lot!
We were friends for a dozen years.
    Sometimes we too worked side by side
And then sometimes to quell my fears
    The good and bad he would confide.
His wife Debbie came on our shift,
    While he became a first rate guy.
Debbie would give our shift a lift,
    He would screw pipes and fix no lie!
In maintenance he gave his best;
    On Facebook he would play you’d see.
He left his job to roost the nest,
    And came back in as O.J.T.
Then this morning while on his way,
    A truck pulled out and made a roar.
The newsman said it be what may,
    That our friend Jobe we’d see no more.
Now here we sit in disbelief,
    Just yesterday he said hello!
The suddenness now gives us grief;
    Larry Jobe was: quite a fellow!