In the computer room again. A special room set up for our computers. All two of them. One for her, one for me; hers running Windows 10, mine Linux Mint 18.1. Pets lying around sleeping.
My wife’s writing poetry for her blog, me fooling around with Linux. Presently I’m using Linux Mint’s Cinnamon version. She ordered speakers for her computer today. I ordered a Bluetooth USB plug so I can connect to my JBL Bluetooth speakers via the computer, not just my phone.
Now she’s gone back to watch some TV and I’m alone here awhile.
My diet’s going well. My face looks thinner, but the scale is stuck at 236 lbs. That’s a lot better than the 275 lbs that I logged the summer before last. My target is 180 lbs by the end of September this year, but we’ll see. The scale has to start moving downward sooner or later, doesn’t it?
I decided the ghost in the machine is due to WordPress online editing software, so I’m writing this using the open software Libre Office (screw Microsoft). I use it on Linux, but you can download it (free of course) for Windows or OS x by searching for Libre Office on Google. When I’m done, I’ll simply copy and paste.
Originally I had something profound to say here, but alas. It is what it is, a simple rambling on of nothing important. Important stuff will come another day!