Blown Away and Elated

I'm just frankly blown away. Here I am, 65 years old, been using Linux for 20 years, and never used Arch Linux before. It was too difficult to install, I thought. But in the end it just took some YouTube videos to tutor me, and I followed the steps, and now here I am. I... Continue Reading →

Tom Longboat

Today we celebrate the 131st birthday of Tom Longboat, a Canadian long-distance runner celebrated as one of the greatest marathoners of all time. Longboat was a member of the Onondaga Nation, born in 1887 on Six Nations Reserve, south of Brantford, Ontario. He first began racing in his early teenage years, inspired by Bill Davis,... Continue Reading →

How do satellites stay in space?

Let’s revisit Sir Isaac Newton’s cannon. In the above mentioned article we had placed a level on the cannon and shot the cannonball at 1440 feet per second parallel to the ground until it fell and bounced and rolled and came to a stop. We didn’t want to shoot it up in the air in a... Continue Reading →

The land of the trees versus the prairies

I live in Two Worlds. The land of the trees and the land of the prairies. Amarillo Texas is where I live. It is the high plains, AKA the prairies. Here naturally are grasslands. Trees do not grow unless you plant them. The only place they will survive is in a city environment. Missouri, and... Continue Reading →

This is all wrong

We are an unlikely species that emerged after the last mass extinction. The dinosaurs were wiped out and along came this apes species that became homosepians. These guys wandered all over the Earth end took over! Our influence is so vast that we are going to basically destroy our own planet!

What if doesn’t mean what when

Let's play the what if game. What if we could go faster than the speed of light. What if we could visit planets throughout the galaxies and the universe. What if. It is an exercise in human imagination. What if we could do this! The reality is a little more grounding. It's not what if... Continue Reading →

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