Google Pixel 2XL vs 3XL

I dropped my phone one too many times, I guess. My Pixel 2XL started behaving badly. It would suddenly turn off (not shut down, just power off instantly).

Now perhaps I could have researched repair options, but my wife’s iPhone was up for renew and she didn’t want a new iPhone, so I took advantage and used her upgrade to go from a Pixel 2XL 65 GB to a Pixel 3XL 120 GB.

I now have the phone operating and in hand.

It’s better!

Why I was Screwed By Walmart Grocery

I was denied a week worth’s of food by Walmart Grocery and Walmart Corporate.

On August 17, 2019 (Saturday), my wife placed an online order at Walmart Grocery for some much needed items. Some of the items she ordered were not available at the local Walmart store and so she ordered them from a Walmart across town on Coulter

Intergalactic travel is possible according to Einstein

Scientist discover that intergalactic travel is possible according to Einstein. The special theory of relativity suggests that given an unlimited amount of fuel intergalactic travel is possible.

Although an unlimited amount of fuel is not available, theoretically, according to the laws of physics, accelerating at such a rate that 1G astronauts throughout the journey could visit other galaxies.

The drawback is that by the time they returned Earth would be gone or all life on Earth would be extinct. This is because as their speed accelerates according to them, time dilates according to the people on Earth. Thus 76 years would seem like thousands of years on Earth.

So as time travel is indeed possible, it just has some small drawbacks to Earth dwellers.

Our Little Ball

Sitting here on our little ball, a tiny speck around we go. Orbiting the sun is falling to, missing it and around we sail.

Still we sit, never gone far. Looking out at all the stars. Figured much about all that’s there. Smart peeps we seem to be.

We look to see if there are others. Haven’t found anything but still we hope. Not a fossil of a microbe has been found. Is that’s all there is? We really hope not.

New York Times Predicts Trump a Two-Term President

An article in the New York Times predicts that President Donald J. Trump will be elected to a second term in-spite of his declining approval rating, based on the electoral college.

On July 19, 2019, Nate Cohn wrote an article for the New York Times entitled “Trump’s Electoral College Edge Could Grow in 2020, Rewarding Polarizing Campaign.”

Despite a growing divide in American politics, it’s looking more and more that the divide between the left and right will split favorably for the Republicans in the Electoral College.

If aliens abducted you what would you do?

In fact, I was abducted and then taken away from my parents, traveled all the way here and dropped off on Earth.

My “biological parents” adopted me and raised me in New Jersey.

After many years, a UFO landed in my backyard and crushed the doghouse. They came down the ladder and told me I was the prince of a planet named Vorquels. There had been a war and I was dropped off on Earth to protect me. The war is now over and I can return to Vorquels, but since they crushed the dog house and killed my dog, I said no.

I was pissed off.

Wouldn’t you be?