Where I live in Amarillo it is 3,634 feet (1,107.64 meters) above sea level. Not as high as Denver, the mile high city, but still fairly high.
Did did you know that at higher elevations water boils at a lower temperature? It’s true! Because water boils at a lower temperature at high altitudes you have to cook foods longer to make them fully cooked. This includes cooking in a microwave. Some products have special instructions for high-altitude cooking.
Amarillo, Texas, is high enough to require special cooking instructions.
It’s also high enough so that if the sea Rises due to climate change, then the Caprock will become waterfront property!
Of course I’m joking. But there are two Great Plains in America: the high plains and the rolling plains. However, even with an extreme rise in sea level the ocean will never reach either of these plains.
Ocean levels are rising. In the future they may rise a lot more, potentially flooding coastal cities like New York, Los Angeles, West Bengal, the Netherlands, and so on.