The Funny Thing about Solar Eclipses

I took time off and traveled to Missouri with my wife and dog Brandi to witness the Great Eclipse of 2017, which we also watched with my stepson Chris. I’ve posted pictures of this event. Here are some more.

What you might not know is the difference between a solar eclipse, lunar eclipse and apocalypse.

That being said, during the partial eclipse phase I mentioned to Chris what I had read on the Internet. According to sources, light filtered through gaps in a tree’s leaves project the actual eclipse.

We tested this theory and came up with this, confirming it’s true. Take a look.


Millions of Pictures of the Great Eclipse of 2017 Better than Mine, but Mine are Mine!

That being said, I took my own amatuer photos of the total eclipse as see from the St. Louise area. I capture the corona and some interesting (but not understood by me) pink coloration around the edges of the totally eclipsed sun.

It was an experience of a lifetime.

21 Days

A solar eclipse is considered a bad omen in many cultures, even today. In Hinduism, Rahu was a demon that was beheaded. His head became the planet Rahu, who is enemies with the sun. When he swallows the sun we see an eclipse, but the sun emerges from his neck because he has no body, and so the eclipse passes. Rahu always seems to be near the moon, but is otherwise an invisible planet.mohini_rahu

Never look at the sun directly or you will permanently damage your eyes.

This link explains how to make your very own pinhole projector for viewing the solar eclipse.