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United Nations Goes Dark for Earth Hour

[youtube] The United Nations building in Manhattan went dark for Earth Hour. The view was very astounding. Here’s a photo: What exactly is Earth hour? Well, Earth Hour was 25 March 2017 at 8:30pm. Each year millions of people around the globe attempt to switch off electricity for Earth Hour to shine a light on […]

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While you were Away

As stated in a previous post, President Trump does not lose when he says outrageous things that are clearly untrue. He wins because it distracts people from his actual agenda. Furthermore, because he doesn’t say these things under oath, there is nothing anyone can do except complain. The following video demonstrates my point. [facebook url=”” […]

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Can Going to Mars Fix Earth?

Mars is cool. Isn’t it? Well, spoiler alert: neither you nor I are going to settle on Mars. It’s inhospitable and has no benefit. It’s not a safe haven if we screw up Earth. Why? Because Mars lost its hot core billions of years ago. Without a hot core Mars lost the magnetic field shielding […]

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