Google Pixel 2 XL and dictating this article

I have tried, at various times, dictating articles on my blog with my phone. I have had marginal success in the past.
Let it be said that I’m not using an iPhone. I am strictly an Android phone type of person. Why? Because Android is a version of Linux and I am a Linux person at heart. My computer at home runs Fedora Linux exclusively.
My previous phone was a Samsung Galaxy 6. You can see an article I wrote by dictation using that phone here.
Now, this time around, I decided, and I think wisely, to go with a Google pixel phone. Why? Because if I want to use Google Android assistant to dictate articles then I might as well use Google’s phone which most closely integrates all of Google’s software and Concepts.
Guess what? I have not been disappointed! Google has not sponsored this article but I will tell you that I am really happy with my new Google pixel 2 XL phone even though the Pixel 3 is coming out soon.
Previously I had to dictate into Google Docs and then transfer it somehow to my blog. That was cumbersome and awkward. Those days are gone! Technology has marched on! Now I can dictate directly into my WordPress app to post to my blog via dictation.
The dictation is fairly accurate, too. Naturally you have to keep an eye on it because sometimes it makes stupid mistakes, but it’s much better than it was before and for me makes it very easy to post to my blog.
I’m a touch typist. I don’t have to look at the keyboard when I type but rather I look at the screen. I can type almost as fast as I think. Still, however, I am finding that as long as dictation is fairly accurate that this is a very efficient way to go!
And there is your update on dictation! Oh, by the way, this entire article was written by dictating into my Pixel 2XL phone.

Google Assistant vs Google Docs

Note: I wrote this article some time ago. I have an update on dictation of WordPress blogs here.
This is an example of speech recognition in Google Docs . What I like about using my headset and microphone is that when I use it for dictation it doesn’t cause the computer to stop listening every few seconds like it does with Google Assistant on my phone. The computer keeps listening even if I pause. I actually have to physically click on the big red stop button to get it to stop listening!

Of course I’m just discovering that it did stop listening and I had to re-click play. So I wonder if it stops automatically listening if I just pause too long . Let’s see.

Yep. It stopped listening alright, however it took about 20 or 30 seconds. That’s a lot longer and better than Google Assistant on my smartphone. The only problem I’m having with Google Docs is it doesn’t seem to be able to offer suggestions when something I dictated is typed incorrectly. There’s no auto-correct feature. I suppose that’s a small price to pay. In either case, when I dictate a document, I have to go over it and edit it manually anyway. Otherwise I’m going to wind up looking like this goose experiment.
I also find that I speak verbosely and have to cut down a lot of what I say when I get my hands on the keyboard. For the most part, this document was written by dictation with minor edits here and there.