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How far are the moon and the sun from the earth?

The moon is in an elliptical orbit around the earth. When it’s closer it looks a lot bigger than when it’s further away. The moon varies from 252,088 miles at the farthest point to 225,623 miles away when it is closest. That’s a difference of about 27 thousand miles. If there is a full moon […]

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Solution to Joe Drops the Ball

In two previous blog posts about Newton’s Cannon and Joe Drops the Ball I posed the question: If falling objects go faster and faster, why don’t orbiting objects fall out of orbit and crash to the ground? The question is legitimate and also has a perfectly legitimate explanation. The rate of a falling object is […]

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Can Going to Mars Fix Earth?

Mars is cool. Isn’t it? Well, spoiler alert: neither you nor I are going to settle on Mars. It’s inhospitable and has no benefit. It’s not a safe haven if we screw up Earth. Why? Because Mars lost its hot core billions of years ago. Without a hot core Mars lost the magnetic field shielding […]

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