What is the purpose of SteamOS (based on Linux), as there are almost no good games designed for Linux?

If you are seriously interested in gaming, then I who have been using Linux only as my OS for twenty years, recommend you to buy an Xbox or PlayStation. SteamOS allows many games written for Windows to run on Linux. The point is that real Linux people don’t run anything exclusively for Windows. Why? Because we... Continue Reading →

Off the Beaten Track

Sometimes I wander in thoughts and in actions. Hiking the Adirondacks as a kid, I remember there were are all kinds of marked trails. They’ve got little signs tacked to trees marking colors. In some places, where there were no trees, they painted colors on the rock. These are the marked, well beaten trails. Sometimes... Continue Reading →

Suffice it to say you don't need anything Microsoft to have a perfectly wonderful PC.

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