What are humanity’s chances of making it beyond our universe?

I suspect your question is beyond our solar system, but it could also mean beyond our Milky Way Galaxy… however, when you ask “beyond our universe,” it’s a whole different story. So let’s take it one by one. Beyond our universe.Not very likely unless you believe in multiverses and reincarnation.Beyond our galaxyAlso not very likely... Continue Reading →

Is it possible for humans to discover a new habitable planet outside of Earth and in other solar systems? Do we have enough technology to discover and observe such planets?

We could not visually see life on other planets, but we might be able to detect life by radio transmissions or other means. Take for example the most interesting star in the galaxy that we know about. To quote a recent article in The Atlantic, “Astronomers have spotted a strange mess of objects whirling around a... Continue Reading →

Space Debris – A Dodging Problem

This is a no frill video (no audio) produced by scientists, to depict just how much junk "litter" we have floating around up in space, some of it going 35,000 miles per hour. Just something to think about.

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