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Good News Bad News

All news is bad news. Bad news sells. Increasingly, however, there are human interest stories dubbed “happy news” at the end of news broadcasts, but it seems to diminish in the light of the chaos that I see going on the world. Cyber attacks, White House in turmoil, Trump increasingly isolated, Russia buzzing our planes […]

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The Earth is Flat

The Earth is flat, at least according to the Flat Earth Society. Although officially they have only about 500 members, the postings and YouTube videos have pulled in some secret admirers that believe. Because it’s true. The Earth is flat. It’s always been flat. The governments of the world, the astronauts who claim they went […]

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Do you think people can really live on Mars?

No, of course not. Hollywood wants us to think so, but sadly, or gladly, this is not and never will be possible. Mars is a poisonous planet with no liquid water. It is hundreds of degrees below zero at night. You cannot breath the air. You cannot grow food. You cannot make goods there. Everything […]

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