“The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite is the successor to NASA’s Kepler space telescope, which surveyed the Milky Way for planets orbiting other stars. Covering a larger area of sky than Kepler, it will examine 200,000 stars, and scientists expect it to catalog more than 2,000 potential planets.”
That is in quotation from the New York Times. It’s supposed to launch today, btw.
There is a secret message here. Do you see it? Here is the secret message.
We do not know if life exists anywhere other than Earth. We will never know if life exists other than Earth. We want to see if life can exist other than Earth. We’re spending billions of dollars to see if life can exist other than Earth even if we will never know for sure.
The ultimate secret message: “They locked up Galileo. Science makes sense. Let’s get ’em back.”