No Western nation ever apologized for imperialism, slavery or political dirty business – yet they are proud of their history. Must we, as Westerners, suffer Germany’s fate to feel remorseful for our crimes?

Well, that’s not true. Several western nations including the United States and Australia have offered apologies and regret for the past.

I am a white man born in New Jersey, USA, living in Texas, USA. Who should apologize? Me? I didn’t do it. I was just born here. I like and get along with pretty much everybody. My son is Hispanic, my nephew is black, and I have other relatives who are from China. So should I apologize? My neighbor? My friends?
Should the government apologize? The people in the government didn’t do it, they were just elected recently. Who or what entity would be able to offer enough of “I’m sorry,” to make it better?
Everyone is sorry it happened. Don’t you know that? Who’s going to be “enough” to offer the apology? Bitterness doesn’t solve it just as ignoring that it happened solve it.
Just go on and build a better world, together.