Ideally, no one.
It is the very essence of evolution that entities do not want to die. They seek to survive against all odds.
We call that survival, and the fittest survive better and then pass on those genes to the next generation.
Take any insect, for example. A fly perhaps. Go to swat a fly,  and the fly flies away. Why? Because the fly does not want to die. It seeks to live.
Unfortunately for we mortals, death is inevitable even though we do not want to die, so we seek out essoteric philosophies. We look inward in search of an eternal self, of God, and a greater purpose.
Religion distinguishes humans from animals. Whether that makes us better than animals is up for debate. Some would argue,naturally, that we are indeed animals. The very fact that we seek immortality by resisting death has lead to huge expenditures in the field of medicine, with some moderate success. We can’t solve death even now, but we can keep you alive longer in most cases.
That feeling within us that “I am” is a great wonderment.
Self-awareness is the ultimate goal of artificial intelligence, which to date has not been achieved except by living organisms.
That “I am” means I don’t want “not to be,” or as Shakespere said, “To be or not to be, that is the question.”