With a population of about 56 million in England and Wales against the United States with 318 million, the UK is about 1/6th the population of the U.S.
In the UK there are 570 homicides involving a gun per year. The United States has about 11,000 homicides involving guns per year.
If the UK had the same population as the U.S. that would make 3,240 deaths to our 11,000. Therefore, per capita the United States has over 3 times the homicide by gun rate as the UK. My figures could be grossly wrong or out of date but that’s beside the point. Pay attention.
So people ask why and people answer because we have more guns in America and then they ask again why. And we say this ain’t Europe.
We started with guns. Fought a couple of wars against the British, had a wild west, a civil war, and second ammendment and you can see we’ve always had guns.
Bad people have guns and good people have guns to protect against the bad people. People have guns to hunt, to show off, for sport and just because they can.
The odd thing is as soon as you talk about stricter rules to buy guns, it drives gun sales up. Under Obama gun sales were up. Under Trump they’re down. Go figure.
So we’ll always live in the wild west in America. You can’t get away from it. In Texas even liberals have guns. I own guns. Just the way it is.