I hosted this website on WordPress.com for 2 years, but then because of pricing concerns, I switched to GoDaddy.com where I already had a hosting plan to save some money. I now think that was a mistake. Here’s why.

I had more traffic on WordPress.com. I have less traffic on GoDaddy.com. And before you go off on me, no I do not receive any benefits for this post from either WordPress.com or GoDaddy.

Many visitors are unaware who hosts your site, but WordPress.com users like to visit and like sites posted by other WordPress.com visitors. Once you make the switch to another WordPress provider, like GoDaddy, that won’t happen anymore. One of my faithful fans who “liked” almost every article I posted on this domain no longer does so because it’s no longer available on the wordpress app.

I’m paying less and posting less now that I’m hosting this site on GoDaddy. ;(

Another important reason is spam comments from pseudo users. With wordpress.com I didn’t have much problem. Now I have to weed through hundreds of such comments and delete them one by one!