Anything would be better than the space shuttles which were the most dangerous space vehicles ever constructed. We had enormous loss of life on space shuttles that was unheard of before that program.
Personally, I see no value in manned space travel at all. Robots can do everything we need with no risk to human life.
We’ve all been psyched up to believe and want to travel to the stars at warp speed, but honest that ain’t ever gonna happen.
It’s all Hollywood.
If there is life somewhere else in our solar system, we may or may not find it one day with a space probe. The prospect of walking on those surfaces, I dare say, may sound attractive to some but is utter nonsense.
Maintaining a human-sustainable environment so far from Earth is completely impractical. It’s like a gold-fish driving around a car in a gold-fish bowl, except at least we can change the water out when it gets dirty.
To send a robotic probe is cheaper, safer, and the way of the future. Hollywood or not, that’s the way it will go down due to financing and safety.
Manned space travel to other worlds is unnecessary and unlikely.